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AMAZING News 3/9/14

All the news that doesn't fit is blastered into nothingness...

Want to Become a BNF? (Big Name Fan?) Here’s One Long...

R. Graeme Cameron instructs us in the fine art of becoming a BNF - or nearly so. (It might be advisable to strive for Filthy Pro status instead....)

Stupefying Stories: Campbell Award Nominees (Free) Anthology

M. David Blake’s magnum opus, the 2014 Campbellian Anthology, is now available for download! This book attempts to collect in one volume representative works by...

There’s No Right Way To Be A Fan?!?

Want to be a fan? A REAL fan? A TRUfan? There is only one true way. Learn how to follow the path to righteous fannishness - or be doomed to fakefandom - FOREVER!

Review: Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2312

As with all Mr. Robinson’s books he involves his personal sensitivities to the environment and his ecological concerns within the story. Global warming has had profound effects on Earth and the parts of the story that take place there present these problems realistically.

Friday Fanzine – Journey Planet 17

Journey Planet 17 reviews and celebrates the history of Worldcon and is probably one of the best fanzine issues to be published in 2013.

Tag — You’re it! One Fan’s History Through Nametags

Egoboo can be found in all kinds of strange places - including science fiction conventions!

Friday Fanzine

Two zines from 2013's TAFF winner - Jim Mowatt

Article populaire : septembre 2013

Un résumé des articles populaires de Amazing Stories du mois de Septembre.

Friday Fanzine: Lake Geneva

A new fanzine from a new fan

Deep in the Heart of Texas, Redux

Long a popular feature in fanzines, con reports have provided detailed and not-so-detailed write-ups of fan gatherings that fall under the general label of "convention."

Fred and Me

“It is rare that someone who you first come to know as an icon becomes a human and a friend, and that is what happened with Fred in the years that I've known him
LoneStarCon 3

Worldcon Hiatus

Just a brief note that I won't be posting a review this week as I will be at Worldcon.  I'd hoped to have finished...

La Estrella Solitaria, Sunday Morning Edition

Worldcon's Daily Newsletter

La Estrella Solitaria Saturday AM Edition

Read the day's happenings from the 71st Worldcon

La Estrella Solitaria Late Friday Edition

From LoneStarCon3: LSC3_ISSUE_05_FRI_LATE_PM

The Artful Collector: Art Reporting From the Trenches at LSC3

A preliminary scouting report on LoneStarCon3 - including a report on the winners of the Chesley Awards for fantastic art.

La Estrella Solitaria LoneStarCon3 Daily Newsletter

Read LSC3's Daily Newsletter - La Estrella Solitaria - and find out the latest happenings on Worldcon's very own scandal sheet

Walking the River at LoneStarCon 3

LoneStarCon 3 promises to be one of the truly landmark events in the history of science fiction. Something so magnificent owes a great debt to San Antonio Fandom

AMAZING News August 25, 2013

Conventions, Readings, Scientific Advances, Awards, Trouble Makers and Just Plain Fun Stuff

The Artful Collector: What Gets YOUR attention at a Worldcon Art...

I must confess, when it comes to SF/F the more you see of it, the easier it is to become innured to its novelty. Familiarity with dragons, wizards, and flying saucers can breed not contempt - but worse: indifference and inattention.

Interview with Award-Winning Editor Ellen Datlow

For more than 30 years, Ellen has edited speculative fiction with a discerning eye, helping to shape the stories and authors we all love to read.

Fan Fotos

Fotos of Worldcons Past. A photo gallery by Fred A. Levy Haskell of Saint Louiscon, the 27th Worldcon.

Deep in the Heart of Texas, Part 2

Ever wanted to drop a fan into the middle of the Atlantic? Learn how.

Shaping History at Gen Con 2013

The summer convention schedule marches on. Already we have sampled the delights of E3 and Comic-Con, and WorldCon looms on the horizon. This weekend...

TIME MACHINE: Past Popular Posts

21st Century Pulp Artist There’s Something About Night Vale Interview with SFWA Grand Master Frederik Pohl Review: Destination: Planet Negro What if Every Superman...

(Can’t Wait For Sunday News) Worldcon Business Meeting Motion

Worldcon, coming up at the end of August, regularly conducts the WSFS business meeting where, among other things, possible changes to the Hugo Awards...
SFWA Grand Master Series Logo

Interview with SFWA Grand Master Frederik Pohl

Today we are joined by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Grand Master Frederik Pohl. Frederik was one of those wild-eyed youths...

Why yes, I’m going to WorldCon by Christopher J Garcia

I love WorldCons, and not just because that's where the Hugos are given. I've been to a few of them, and had a great...