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Novedades de Octubre y Noviembre en Hispanoamérica

Como la semana pasada "Computer said no" y no pude publicar mis novedades de octubre, pues ahora publico dos pájaros de un solo tiro....

Les webséries françaises

French television is seemingly uninterested in SF and fantasy subjects: enter the web series.

You Don’t Know Dick

Who am I? Am I real? Is this real? Is this...Are you really reading a post on Amazing Stories, or is it all in your head?

Behind the Scenes of “Starship Challenger” with Doctor Martin

On the set with Star Trek Anthology

Happy New Year!

Star Trek anthology weighs in on the Axanar lawsuit

“Assignment: Earth” – Star Trek Anthology

Star Trek Anthology side-steps to introduce another new show - Assignment: Earth, based on the Trek episode of the same name. (The episode with the cat....)

Star Trek’s JM Colt…Then and Now

Whatever became of that yeoman the Talosians described as having: " youth, strength, and unusually strong female drives. "? Watch Star Trek Challenger to find out!

First Scenes “In the Can,” as they say…

Starship Challenger goes in the can!

Making ‘Trek’ from Scratch

As you may expect, putting together a Star Trek episode takes much more than simply donning a uniform and stepping in front of the...

Lights! Camera! A…nnnd looking out for the weather…

As soon as the weather cooperates, it's TAKE 1 on the set at Star Trek Anthology

Star Trek Anthology Begins Shooting this Month

The title says it all, doesn't it? More TOS goodness coming your way!

Portal – An Original Scripted Drama Premiere

I belong to several online groups through Facebook and other various media, as I’m sure many of you do, too. I came across in...

Still: A New Indie Webseries

What if zombies didn't move...until you weren't looking at them?

RWBY: The Anime-Inspired Webseries I Can’t Stop Talking About

Morgana Santilli talks about what makes RWBY a great animated series, and webseries.