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In this redo of his fifth column from 2013, Steve talks about visiting Butler, Missouri, the town where Robert A. Heinlein was born. Are they proud of him? Heck, yes!

On Being a Space Cadet, or: Why It is Never Too...

We're ALL Space Cadets...and now we can wear the name proudly

SOME OF THE BEST YA SF EVER: The “Winston Juveniles”—Part One

Back in the Good Old (or Bad, depends on your point of view) Days, fiction—especially SF—that was written for a teen audience was called...

How Do You Ride a Gray Planet? Ask Rip Foster! Or,...

The Whitman publishing company published a lot of science fiction in the late 50s and early 60s - SF that inspired many who would go on to become fans of the genre. Today we learn about one such tale with the adventures of Rip Foster.

Lost In Space! Reviews of Unknown or Underappreciated Books Threshold...

Plots have been recycled for centuries and will be for centuries more. The novelty, the interest, comes from seeing what the author brings to the tale, how s/he changes it to make it different.

First Contact: First Interests in Science Fiction

Recently a thread passed around on Facebook asked various writers what books mattered to them most when they were young, starting out with an...

A Fan’s History – Fanzines

Fanzines: What the heck is a ‘zine, anyhow? Well, ‘zine (usually abbreviated without the apostrophe) is short for fanzine, which should be self-explanatory. Unless...

Review: Men Into Space by John C. Frederiksen

MEN INTO SPACE John C. Frederiksen Bear Manor Media 2013 314 Pages  $21.95 (Kindle $9.95) Men Into Space was a television show that (unfortunately) aired for a single...

Mouldy Old History

For a number of years I wrote The Crotchety Old Fan blog.  One of my favorite posts to write was finding new and interesting...