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Retrofuturismo andino en los cuentos de “Cosmonauta” de Revollo Romero

A review of Bolivian author Hugo Revollo's collection Cosmonaut: Retrofuturist and Fantastic Tales

“Perseidas”, nueva ciencia ficción ecuatoriana

Introducing a new anthology of Ecuadorian SF

Blogger Invitado. Cristián Londoño Proaño: Tal vez los dioses si existen.

What would happen if we discovered another universe inhabited by gods. Would we even be able to comprehend them? Jorge Alberto Collao poses these and other questions in his latest novel.

“Ayer será otro día”: ciencia ficción y humor

A review of Jorge Valentin Miño's short story collection Today is Another Day

Tarkovsky y la ciencia ficción

A profile of Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky, director of Solaris and Stalker, among others.

Review: Roadside Picnic by Arkady & Boris Strugatsky

What if aliens just aren’t that into us?

Scide Splitters: Antigrav: Cosmic Comedies by SF Masters edited by Philip...

Scide Splitters reviews an anthology from the 1970s featuring some of the most prominent names in SF humor at the time.

Bulgarian Science Fiction: An Introduction

Radi Radev and John Dodds introduce us to the world of Bulgarian Science Fiction.

LATINOAMERICA 2025, la primera novela cyberpunk boliviana

Latinoamerica 2025 is a milestone of Bolivian cyberpunk

When Science Fiction IS Science Fiction

It is a profound mistake to interpret the genre of science fiction literally

Dreams and Perceptions…The Stuff of Science Fiction

I firmly believe that we ultimately define ourselves through our experience and our approach of the unfamiliar. A new relationship. A stranger in town. A different culture. An alien encounter…