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Asni’s Art Blog: Space Shuttle

Having a permanent space station in orbit is all well and fine, but how to get people and materials on and off it?

Asni’s Art Blog: International Space Station

It is time I picked up the thread of my series on art inspired by real existing space exploration.

Asni’s Art Blog: Moon Landing

I belong to a generation who have grown up in the knowledge that humans can fly to the moon.

Asni’s Art Blog: Sputnik

Let's see if we can throw a ball into space so it stays in orbit, and attach some radio antennae!

Asni’s Art Blog: Space Station

Space stations are a technological reality, but also a quintessential locus for projecting dreams about a bright technological future which might take humans to the stars.

Recordando Europa Report

A profile and review of Europa Report

The True Cost of Space Exploration

The true cost of space exploration cannot be measured in dollars. It must be measured in human lives. For those who paid the ultimate price, we thank you and salute you. Those who understand the importance of your sacrifice will not forget. Godspeed on your next adventure.

Mars – “There’s Water in Them There Hills!”

If water flowed on Mars in the past, might we be able to find it now? New images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter might have done just that.

Fiction in Amazing Stories Today: Finity by Felicity Savage

Today's fiction - Finity by Felicity Savage.

The Eagle and Dan Dare: My First Exposure to SF

Steve takes us through the pages of the historic British comic mag, The Eagle.

3D Printing: Helping Space Exploration

NASA has already contracted for a 3D printer (through the company, Made in Space) that can be launched into space.

Starship Century Looks Toward the Future, While I Screw Around in...

Starship Century can inspire the next generation of dreamers, both in the literary and scientific worlds, to build the future we all want to see.

We Went to the Moon Once

4:18 today, July 20th, 2013, will mark the 44th anniversary of Apollo 11's moon landing. Forty four years ago today I sat in front of...

All Aboard for Mars! A True Story

This is not fiction. Your mission, should you accept it, is to go to Mars and die there. I get a bit cynical about this sort of thing,