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Somewhere to Call Home?

Scientists thought they’d find a pattern very similar to what occurred in our own solar system. In fact, they’ve uncovered a number of surprises that are changing our ideas about how worlds are formed.

Drake on Drake’s Equation

I've seen our knowledge of exoplanets go from nothing to thousands in less than two decades. I'm optimistic that within the next two we'll know if there is life out there.

IAAA Gallery: Steven Hobbs – Visual Explorer

Steven Hobbs encourages us to look to the skies.

One Hell Of A Story: A Review of Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity

"Houston, I have a bad feeling about this mission..." Gravity is a constant reality to humanity.  It forever keeps our feet planted on the Earth...

IAAA Gallery: Raymond Cassel – Digital Space Art

Space Art from the mind and hand of Raymond Cassel, space calendar cover artist!

The Art of Star Trek

Star Trek has been around since September 8, 1966. At forty-seven years old Star Trek is one year younger than I am. We grew up together. Star Trek and I were best friends.

IAAA Gallery: Marilynn Flynn – Aspirational Astronaut

The space art of Marilynn Flynn - one of the few earth-based artists to have her work flown in space.

IAAA Gallery: Michael C. Turner – Galactic Visionary

IAAA Gallery features Michael C. Turner - Galactic Visionary

That Sense of Wonder

One of the things that the best science fiction does is to evoke a sense of wonder in its readers. The best science fiction should open our eyes to possibilities and make us think about our place in the universe, in space or in time.

IAAA Gallery: Chris Williams – Star Sculptor

Chris Williams has taken an unusual path to artistic expression:  he sculpts astronomical objects out of star stuff (our world and everything in it...

I Can’t Compete with CGI!

When I was in senior high school (thirty looong years ago) I had an appointment with a career counsellor. I had an aptitude for...

IAAA Gallery: Julie Jones – Spiritually Spacey

Julie Rodríguez Jones is an independent artist both physically and stylistically. Julie’s space art usually falls into the impressionistic category (colloquially we call ourselves...

Do You Think the Martians will be Free?

It's July 4th, the American Independence Day, as I write these words.  The word "Freedom" is often heard in connection with the holiday. Essentially every...

IAAA Gallery: Mark A. Garlick – Cataclysmically Variable

Cataclysmic Binary stars (cataclysmic variables) are star systems in which a white dwarf star and a companion star are locked in a dance of...

Dan Durda of the IAAA

Dan Durda is a Renaissance Man.  Saying that invokes visions of the man as artist - painting, sculpture, close studies of perspective and perhaps...


First of all, I must apologize for the interrupted service on this blog – I have been in and out of hospital for the...

Cosmic Dance

Who isn't fascinated by the images of outer space, which have become available over the last few decades from ever more powerful telescopes: the...

The Architects of the Future

In my last blog, I featured the work of artists who have, in their own different ways, imagined what it might be like to...

Special Effects, then and now

  When Forbidden Planet came back out way back in 1956, it was on the cutting edge of animation, and lots of people were talking...

Gazing at Alien Skies

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to look at an alien sky? The sky of a planet whose atmosphere has a...

A Kepler’s Dozen

NASA's Kepler mission has been watching a swath of the Milky Way watching for the signs of stars being eclipsed by planets in orbit...

I Dreamed I Saw the Silver Spaceships

When people think about science fiction the first thing they usually visualize are spaceships (or green skinned women in shiny bikinis, but that may...