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This is How Astronauts Put on Their Space Suits

How to put on a NASA spacesuit - one wonders if this is how Jane Fonda donned hers in Barbarella

French designer creates womblike habitat for space tourists

French designer creates hotel rooms for Axiom Space, a company that hopes to attach a hotel module to the ISS in 2020.

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope Is Running Out of Fuel and May...

Kepler may be on its last mission, using fuel to reorient in order to send data to Earth

The wreckage of a few ancient planets formed the asteroid belt

A somewhat boost for the missing planet "theory"

The Digest: One of Saturn’s Moons Has Everything Needed to Host...

Scientists find complex organic compounds in Enceladus' water volcanos

Cimon Heads for the ISS: With Captain Future, Who Needs...

Captain Future's brainy companion is heading for the ISS, sort of....

Avoiding Armageddon: U.S. Reveals Plans to Counter Killer Asteroids

Three possible solutions...all of which need more funding.

Three Visions of Human Space Settlement – Space + Anthropology 

New renderings of space habitat art from the 1970s

The Scientist Who Reevaluated The Drake Equation Still Thinks Alien Life...

There is a "notable chance" that we are alone.

First Known Interstellar Object Gets Unexpected Speed Boost 

Interstellar traveler gets gravity assist from inner solar system

Aliens May Be Rearranging Stars to Fight Dark Energy, Awesome Study...

Alien civilizations could use Dyson spheres to draw energy from distant stars, and the missing starlight might give them away. Source: Aliens May Be Rearranging...

NASA Makes New Discovery With 22-Year-Old Galileo Data From Ganymede

Ganymede has a magnetosphere, and it is doing unusual things.

Dense stellar clusters may foster black hole megamergers | Big Think

They just keep getting bigger and bigger and...

Does Water Really Exist on The Moon?

Certain minerals, as well as imaging say "Yes, there is"

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Reveals Plans to Colonize the Moon

Bezos has set his sites on the Moon; Musk on Mars. Which billionaire is going to claim Europa?

Check Out the Wacky Designs in Boeing’s $2M Passenger Drone Contest

Boeing sponsored a passenger drone contest. This is what they got.

Two stars will merge in 2022 and explode into red fury 

Astronomers are predicting a nova that will be visible to the naked eye.

NEOWISE Thermal Data Reveal Surface Properties of Over 100 Asteroids

New Tricks with Old Data reveal far more about 122 asteroids than we've ever known.

NASA asks for Europa lander science experiments—and that’s a big deal

A call for experiment packages may be just the political boost the Europa Lander mission needs.

There’s New Evidence for the Mysterious “Planet Nine”

Science Fight! Following a paper that suggests there is no Planet Nine, here's one that suggests the opposite!

Astronomers Just Found the Largest Known Neutron Star

Eat your heart out Beowulf Shaeffer! This one is a giant!

More evidence that the Universe is making lots of massive stars 

Dwarf galaxies may be forming an excessive number of massive stars

Mercury’s crust may be thinner than scientists thought

Venus' crust may be a lot thinner than originally thought, and largely formed by vulcanism

New Horizons Probe Is Awake and Ready to Explore the Kuiper...

Poor New Horizons...we don't think there's a Starbucks 4 Billion miles away from Earth

The material science of building a light sail to take us...

We're just beginning to learn what needs to go into a light sail to make it work...a lot more than we thought

We May Not Need ‘Planet 9’ to Explain Unusual Orbits in...

The highly eccentric orbits of trans-Neptunian planets might be caused by the theoretical Planet 9, or by other Trans-Neptunian objects, like a swarm of dwarf planets