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The Race to the Bottom

An author's view of the current e-book pricing model.

The Changing Face of Science Fiction

Some of the brightest minds in the science fiction industry talk about how they perceived this ever evolving juggernaut, how the science fiction industry had changed since they first found their way into it, and where the industry was headed. What follows is their amazing insight.

Interview with Carl Critchlow, artist, illustrator and inventor of Thrud the...

Carl Critchlow has been an artist and author on the SF and fantasy scenes for almost thirty years, during which his work has appeared in DC Comics as well as 2000AD.

Book Review: Among the Anthropophagi! by Bill Crider

From time to time Bill Crider turns his hand to fantasy and pulp related adventure, and when he does we're always in for a treat.

¿Por qué crear una revista de ciencia ficción?

Why create and publish a science fiction magazine? Why indeed.


I’d get more into the topic, but I haven’t got time to plumb the depths of Amazon. Instead I recommend that you do. Look at the genre you picked for your story, and see what the bestsellers are (taking out authors like RR Martin and mega-bestsellers, who can sell on the author’s name alone) and look at their covers. Keep in mind that most ebooks will be viewed at a very small size of image initially, and design yours to look good at thumbnail, then full-size. Stick to the recommended proportions. A square cover image will scream amateur in the bookshop, unless it’s a children’s picture book...

Some Thoughts About Free Ebooks

Ever since Amazon announced it's Amazon Select program (December 2011) the plethora of free books has significantly decreased the effectiveness of this type of promotion.

From Locks to Freedom

The problem with the internet is that anyone can write something down, publish it, and present it as fact when it’s not. I have ten titles on Amazon, and another one coming out later this week. Every single one, the default is no DRM, although there is a check-box I can click if I decided I wanted it on my work. Which I don’t. Unlike Big Music and Big Publishing, I don’t think all people are thieves. I also know better than to think that DRM is anything but a challenge to hacker twits who break stuff just for jollies.

Dear Self-published authors, it’s your turn to listen up

Last week I did a post entitled: Dear Publishers, listen to authors and put reader’s first where I held traditional publisher's feet to the fire for...

Book Review: Sever, Slice, and Stab by Ty Johnston

Sever, Slice, and Stab Ty Johnston trade paper $9.99 ebook $2.99 Kindle, Nook, Apple, Sony, Kobo, Smashwords The selection for this, the third week of Six Weeks of...

Epic Fantasy Analysis September 27, 2013

Sorry, I ran this data a few days ago but didn't have time to finish the analysis.  Once again it's time to take a...

Dear Publishers, listen to authors and put reader’s first

Indie authors are doing well because they know it’s all about the reader.

Entrevista a Álvaro Pérez Quehui ganador del VII Concurso de Novela...

An interview with author Alvaro Perez Quehi

Playing the Short Game: How to Sell Your Short Fiction (Part...

a discussion on another publishing option for your backlist of short fiction

Why I’m Not A Fan Of Tip Jars

A person who had previously pirated my books mentioned they loved them so much that they wanted to contribute monetarily.

The Power of Free

Face it, no-one needs to buy a fiction book. It’s not like underwear, or food, or a roof over their heads. It’s entertainment.

Playing the Short Game: How to Sell Your Short Fiction (Part...

independently publishing your stories yourself

Epic Fantasy Analysis September 09, 2013

Time once again to take a closer look at the Amazon's Epic Fantasy Bestseller list for the Kindle.

Playing the Short Game: How to Sell Your Short Fiction (Part...

I finish off the discussion I began in part 29 on some of the paths a writer might choose to take for their short fiction career, this week focusing on publishing a collection of your short fiction.

Epic Fantasy Analysis August 18, 2013

Traditional publishing continues to dominate with 56% of the books published through that route. Self-publishing still is doing well with nearly 40%. Small press and Amazon titles makes up very few of the overall list.

Páginas del género en español 2: Mil Inviernos

Una web que me gusta revisar de cuando en cuando es Mil inviernos, una página muy dinámica que constantemente se actualiza y se nutre de todo lo que pasa a su “alrededor”

Marketing As A Metafictional Tool: Harnessing the Power of Misdirection

Deliberate misdirection is a writer's tool that also deserves a place in the marketer's toolkit. Here's how writers can colonize the search page, where the reading experience ought to start.
Eric Gustafson Cover

Part Two of the Art of Covers

This is part two of Eric Gustafson's guest post for me on covers. It's a huge topic, and even if you aren't responsible for...

A Fan’s History — Fanzines, Continued….

Fanzines, continued: Okay, Mr. Smartypants, what’s a “sercon” zine? Actually, I’m glad you asked that question. It’s another of those annoying (well, to an...

Love Thine Enemy: A Review of Interrupt by Jeff Carlson

Let's get one thing out of the way up front. I am crazy about Jeff Carlson's writing. I even tipped him as my favorite lesser-known SF author in a recent interview here on Amazing Stories. Tying that hangman's noose a bit tighter, I stated at the time that I thought Carlson's best work was still ahead of him.

Marketing 101: Authors and Reading Communities

I'm a member of two really large and really great reading communities: Goodreads /r/Fantasy on reddit Recently in /r/Fantasy there was a post about self-promotion. And I...

Self-publishing – Four Months In

I pushed the ‘publish’ button on my first e-book way back in March. Other e-books followed in June and since then I’ve branched out...

Doujinshi: Distinctly Japanese

There are many expressions of fandom that cross genres and cultures - fan fiction, fan art, even cosplay.  But there is one form in...

An Interview with Hugh Howey

Hugh Howey wasn’t a name many were familiar with until his self-published book Wool went viral. Now on the best-seller charts across the planet, we sit...

What Traditional Publishing Can Learn From Self-publishing

One of the first things you learn as a traditionally published author is that you have very little control over a great many things...