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Reseña de libros: Technetos I y II de Luis Arbaiza

The reader as collaborator: "The text is an incomplete work, the reader completes it."

Spec Fic Publishing: Pitfalls and Opportunities

What is a new author supposed to do when so many established authors are being abandoned by their publishers?

Dark Worlds Magazine

An early experiment in on-demand magazine publishing.

The Writer-Editor Relationship, Part 1: Editors Preparing Writers

Indie authors need editors. Here's how to go about finding a good one.


This week, Steve hypes his local convention and talks to best-selling ebook writer Ed Howdershelt, plus there's advice on writing and selling ebooks!

What Is the Solution to Author Solutions?

Self-publishing or publishing scam?

Welcome to the Creative Thrive!

Angi Shearstone, creator of BloodDreams comics, discusses the creative process in her debut post.

AMAZING PEOPLE: Extending a Helping Hand

MIchael J. Sullivan is looking to help new authors with a contest!

Photographic Covers versus Traditional Art – Part 2

Books need covers, but the artistry that goes into creating those covers is getting lost in an avalanche of CGI and stock photography.

Top Post de Febrero

What we wrote about in Febrero

Myths of Publishing: Anyone Can Self-publish, Part 4

Success requires hard work and dedication - even for indie authors

Myths of Publishing: Anyone Can Self-publish, Part 3

Being an indie author requires more skills than "author"

Myths of Publishing: Anyone Can Self-publish, Part 2

If you think being an "Indie Author" means going it alone - better read this!

Myths of Publishing: Anyone Can Self-publish, Part 1

"Anyone can self-publish": Not true.

What Indie Authors Should Know for 2015

As we enter a new year in writing and publishing, I thought I’d review some interesting statistics and observed trends over 2014 made by...

Indie Book Review: The Seals of Abgal by Woelf Dietrich

Dietrich’s first book is the short novel The Seals of Abgal. It’s a combination of Sumerian and Norse mythology. Now that’s not a combination you see everyday.

Indie Book Review: “Passing in the Night” by Michael Kingswood

Keith West begins a series looking at "teaser" fiction from the indie publishing world.

AMAZING THINGS: Hatchette and Amazon Settle Dispute

Amazon and Hatchette settle.

Literatura furry de ciencia ficción en Venezuela

an interview with July Nicholas Camacho about all things Furry.

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

Keith takes a break from reviewing and asks readers a question.

Novedades de Septiembre en Hispanoamérica

a roundup of new Spanish language releases

The Leap from Self to Traditional Publishing

Today's post is prompted by two events: My wife was filling in for me on a writer's panel this weekend (I got a bad fish...

How Big is a Book?

How big is a book? SF & Fantasy books were slim volumes in wire racks until market forces created the massive tomes we're used to today. What happened?

What’s Fair is Fair

Michael, our in-house expert on all things Hachette and Amazon, braves the slings and arrows to 'splain some things to us.

Book Review: They Say the Sirens Left the Seas

A review of a poetry collection that includes a few directly inspired by the works of Lord Dunsany and H. P. Lovecraft.

Kindle Unlimited and the 10 Percent Rule

A few notes on the new KindleUnlimited program from an indie author.

On Books Being “Special”

Hachette. Amazon. One need say nothing more to gain the attention of writer's everywhere. Sullivan's take on author manipulation.

Post Más Populares de Junio

Tanya rounds up the past months' offerings in translation.

Book Review: Trial and Glory by Joshua P. Simon

A review of the final installment of the Blood and Tears Trilogy

Self-Publishing Odyssey: Part 4 Designing the Cover Image

Alastair Savage's Self-Publishing Odyssey moves on to stage 4: Designing the cover.