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¿Qué libros de Horror leen los que escriben literatura de género?

What you read influences what you write. Here are some horror picks that have influenced some horror authors

Nuevos Bloggers. Carlos Enrique Saldivar y Hemil García Linares

Tanya Tynjala, our Spanish language editor, introduces two new contributors

Ventas solidarias en Perú y México.

Requesting assistance for two Latin American artists, hit particularly hard by the pandemic and personal hardships

Novedades de Septiembre

September's offerings

Noticias Literatura 20-9

The contents of SuperSonic Issue 8, the program of the 9th Gothic Week of Madrid dedicated to Lovecraft, and more.

Noticias Literatura 21-6

Interviews with authors Dioni Arroyo and Javier Sáchez, who talk about their latest novels.

Asni’s Art Blog: Drop whatever else you’re doing, Star Wars is...

Enjoy! And may the force be with you in the new year 2016.