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Summer 2018 SF Anime Preview

It's that time again, and there's something for fans of every stripe to look forward to.

Anime roundup 1/18/2018: Good Things Come In Small Packages

In this week's viewing: Tiny creatures are the best as the season premieres continue.

Anime roundup 7/16/2015: Seeing Red

In this week's viewing: A ton more premieres, and a not-so-fond farewell to Arslan.

Summer 2015 SF Anime Preview

Step up and see what's going to be invading a simulcast site near you starting in July!

Ray Gun Rewind – Invoking Inigo

Hi, I'm Johne (John with a silent SEO'e') and I'm an Overlord. <lengthy pause> Ahem - I can see you haven't prostrated yourself yet....