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Anime roundup 9/29/2016: The Ends of All Things

In this week's viewing: It's time to wind up the season with three finales.

Anime roundup 9/22/2016: Double Stack

In this week (and last week)'s viewing: Time to catch up after last week's break, the surprise end of Re: ZERO, and more!

Anime roundup 9/8/2016: Playing Rough

In this week's viewing: Mob Psycho 100 levels up again, Cute High kicks another holiday around, and more!

Anime roundup 9/1/2016: Love Is Real

In this week's viewing: Orange's star couple makes romantic progress, Re: ZERO explains that it's really about love, and more!

Anime roundup 8/25/2016: Sentimental Feeling

In this week's viewing: Cute High tackles the most emotional holiday, Re: ZERO makes a strong stab for the feels, and more!

Anime roundup 8/18/2016: Uncharismatic Megafauna

In this week's viewing: Re: ZERO takes on the White Whale, the Earth Defense Club faces a truly giant panda, and more!

Anime roundup 8/11/2016: Turn That Frown Upside Down

In this week's viewing: Orange and Re: ZERO give their heroes a chance to be happy for a bit, and more!

Anime roundup 8/5/2016: The Eternal Triangle

In this week's viewing: Re: ZERO resolves its love triangle, Orange tackles that plus hardcore physics, and more!

Anime roundup 7/28/2016: Feet of Clay

In this week's viewing: Orange and Re: ZERO spend a lot of time running away from things, and more!

Anime roundup 7/21/2016: Melancholy Baby

In this week's viewing: Depression, suicide, the Despair Arc of Danganronpa 3, and lots more to bring you down! Plus, the lineup of the shows this column will be following for the rest of the season.

Anime roundup 7/7/2016: Mass Confusion

In this week's viewing: Summer season starts! Sometimes it even starts at the beginning!

Summer 2016 SF Anime Preview

The age of the light novel adaptation has passed and the age of the video game adaptation is upon us. Plus a few other shows coming our way very soon...