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China grew a plant on the moon — it sprouted two...

Plants innnn spaaaaaaace! (If anyone knows how to say that in Mandarin, please get in touch, we think it would be awesome!)

SPACE: How Many Humans Could Live on the Moon?

Don't they read Heinlein? Moon colonies are largely sublunarian...and besides, everyone on the planet could fit on the island of Zanzibar if they'd all just exhale....

space: Landing on the Moon is HARD!

Why is landing on the Moon so hard? We can start by mentioning that the Moon is NOT made of soft cheese...

Miner 2049’ers – Mining the Moon

When we've mined the Earth for all of the metals we can, will we look to space for more? We altready are.

Weird Things About the Moon(s)

We see it almost every day and some might think we know all there is to know, but the Moon still has many fascinating secrets to tell.

Time Out’s ‘100 Best Sci-Fi Films’

This week the UK London listings and entertainment guide Time Out published part of an on-going series of genre by genre features on the 100 Best Films. The current one is ‘The 100 best sci-fi movies’. Gary Dalkin takes a look...

Those Black Pits on the Moon

What's in those black pits they're finding on the Moon? Could be colonists.

The Eagle and Dan Dare: My First Exposure to SF

Steve takes us through the pages of the historic British comic mag, The Eagle.

Alone on the Moon

I’m sitting with a group of friends in the Seminary Street Pub, familiar faces here and there casting shadows upon near-forgotten memories, making plain...

ASM Blog Horde Interview with Alex Kane

Welcome to the Amazing Stories BLOG HORDE INTERVIEWS! The ASM Blog Horde is a diverse and wonderful species. I have the privilege of talking with all...