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Friday Fanzine

Two zines from 2013's TAFF winner - Jim Mowatt

LoneStarCon3 – the 71st Worldcon – Photo Gallery

A Photo gallery from this year's Worldcon

La Estrella Solitaria Late Friday Edition

From LoneStarCon3: LSC3_ISSUE_05_FRI_LATE_PM

The Artful Collector: Art Reporting From the Trenches at LSC3

A preliminary scouting report on LoneStarCon3 - including a report on the winners of the Chesley Awards for fantastic art.

La Estrella Solitaria LoneStarCon3 Daily Newsletter

Read LSC3's Daily Newsletter - La Estrella Solitaria - and find out the latest happenings on Worldcon's very own scandal sheet

The Artful Collector: What Gets YOUR attention at a Worldcon Art...

I must confess, when it comes to SF/F the more you see of it, the easier it is to become innured to its novelty. Familiarity with dragons, wizards, and flying saucers can breed not contempt - but worse: indifference and inattention.

The Artful Collector: The Major Awards for Artists and ART: The...

As I was downloading some bid sheets this week, in preparation for packing up the art to be displayed at the  LoneStarCon3 Art Show,...