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The Sociology of Science Fiction

The most difficult speculation for a science fiction writer to undertake is to imagine correctly the *secondary* implications of a new factor.

Review: Literature by Guillermo Stitch

Literature by Guillermo Stitch is an ambitious debut, centering around a multi-layered definition of literature and the dystopian world that is driven by the powerful tool.

Literary Fiction Isn’t Always That Great, Either, You Know

Ira Nayman makes a startling admission: he often prefers literary fiction to genre fiction. Oh, no! That does not, however, make him blind to the limitations of literary fiction, as his review of A Free Man indicates.

Eternal Frankenstein: A Mary Shelley Tribute Anthology

The Eternal Frankenstein is coming

What I’ve Really Learned from Science Fiction

What have you learned from science fiction? Travis shares his own lessons.

Hidden Treasures: Review of a Manga Reference Book

Used bookstores are veritable treasure troves, as I'm sure many Amazing Stories readers will agree.  Digging through the shelves and piles of every type...

A Commissioning Editor Speaks: David Moore of Abaddon Books

Britain's Abaddon Books is a seething brew of villainous steampunk, sleek spaceships, cruel sorcery, and blood-soaked horror. I tracked their commissioning editor David Moore down to...

“I Like Science Fiction, It’s Got Like Giant Robots and Stuff,...

Over the last three weeks I have discussed the sources and causes of Science Fictions self-esteem problem. The genre’s inability to shed it’s pulp...