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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by John Tiffany,...

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child can be enjoyed as a non-canon Harry Potter story unconnected to the previous tale.

Self-Publishing Odyssey: Part 2 Agents and Editors

How do you get anyone to look at your book? When I was an in-house editor, I was very aware that it was difficult to get anyone to read a submission from a member of the public. The reality is that most editors are extremely busy and continually up against time pressure.

Isn’t All Science Fiction and Fantasy Alternate Reality?

C. E. Martin (yes, but which one?) wonders why we bother to distinguish some works as "alternate reality" when in fact, all SF and fantasy takes place in alternate realities.

Defending Quality Over Popularity

It is to my ever increasing frustration that I continually see true literary talent dismissed as 'too complex' or ‘deep’ in favour of the...