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AMAZING NEWS: 10-29-2017

Harassment roundup, new releases, Aquaman, Cyborg and Venom, socially adept octopus and more

Asni’s Art Blog: International Space Station

It is time I picked up the thread of my series on art inspired by real existing space exploration.

Amazing News 4/17/16

Even if you have a stick, this is too much news to shake it at!

The Antares Rocket Explosion: October 28, 2014

An eyewitness account of the explosion of the Antares rocket: it looks very bad on TV. Close up it was horrific.

An Interview with Kevin R. Grazier, Science Consultant for GRAVITY

Kevin R. Grazier is a planetary scientist and friend of mine who has regularly landed gigs as a science consultant on a number of popular Hollywood movies and TV shows. Including GRAVITY.

IT’S (NOT) ROCKET SCIENCE: The International Space Station

I was watching the TV commercial featuring the Space Shuttle Endeavor the other night – you know, the one where a truck tows the...

The First Poem Written in Space

The real scandal is that it took anyone this long to write a poem in space. The solution is easy.