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The Artful Collector: How Times Have Changed . . .

A trip down memory lane - with art catalogs!

The Artful Collector: Where Are They Now? Spotlight on “Jael”

A conference on alien contact inspires a change in careers

The Artful Collector: On Collecting Illustration Art that Isn’t . ....

The artful collector talks about illustrations, and the blurred line between private and commercial art.

The Artful Collector: Where Are They Now? Spotlight on Artist Mark...

A look at artist Mark Harrison and his move towards imaginative realism in his work.

The Artful Collector: Building a S/F Art Collection Today, Part 2

A look at building a collection of SF/F art in the modern era.

The Artful Collector: Where Are They Now? Spotlight on Artist Walter...

A look at Walter Velez's art and current projects.

The Artful Collector: Death, Doom and Gloom Strikes Again!

Jane Frank takes us through the stages of mourning for book covers.

The Artful Collector: What Gets MY attention at a Worldcon art...

I am totally biased and opinionated when it comes to art. It has to connect with me in some emotional way.

The Artful Collector: Collecting Ahead of the Curve

When we started framing F/SF calendar pages to hang on our walls in the 1960s (the days before commercial prints or posters were available)...

The Artful Collector: Are Conventions Good Places to Find Art? (Part...

Once upon a time, science fiction and fantasy conventions were great places to find, and buy, original art - and, in time - reproductions...

The Artful Collector: Are Conventions a Good Place to Buy Art?...

Well . . . .Once upon a time, and by that, I mean Art Collecting BDE (before the digital era) local, regional and “world”...

The Artful Collector: In Praise of Tangibility

First, and let’s get this out of the way right at the start: I would never say that digital art isn’t Art.  I have...

The Artful Collector: Collecting Strategies Part 2 “Whatever It Takes”

Rich men (I am going to fall back on the male gender because most of the collectors in the field of illustration art and...