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Articles and posts that deal with the literature of horror and its sub-genres.

Premio Ripley de relatos de género de terror y Ciencia Ficción

A description of the Ripley, a contest for female Latin American writers of science fiction and horror, including an interview with the publisher.

Entrevista a Miguel Sequeiros Cardozo: Minificción de terror y horror

Interview with Miguel Sequeiros Cardozo, author of the horror microstory anthology Drops of Blood. Cardozo discusses the historical evolution of horror, the current outlook for Spanish horror literature and much, much more.

Noticias Literatura 23-8

Two new speculative fiction books have been released in Spanish: La canción de Bêlit, an exploration of a lost period in the history of Robert E, Howard's Conan the Barbarian; and Transcrepuscular, which considers a possible evolutionary symbiosis between humanity and nature, exposing our ethnocenrtic view of the world.

REVIEW: Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop, by Brhel & Sullivan

Many who enjoyed the thriller-type TV series of the seventies and eighties, plus Stephen King’s wonderful novel Needful Things, will enjoy the collection of tales called Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop.

Noticias Literatura 9-8

The publication of a new speculative fiction magazine called Windumanoth, and notice of a tribute to the late author Javier Redal.

Novedades de Julio en Hispanoamérica

News about the release of new books, comics and analyses of interest to Spanish speaking fans of speculative fiction, as well as events, including a workshop on robots.

The Audio File: Changes

For his last column for Amazing Stories, Sam reviews some podcast short stories that contain the theme of change.

Noticias Literatura 2-8

New collections of short stories and a tribute to the late author Javier Redal.

Noticias Literatura 26-7

The republication of a classic Elia Barceló novel, the call for nominations for the 17th Manuel de Pedrolo Award - City of Mataró competition for works of science fiction in Catalan, and more news of interest to Spanish speaking speculative fiction fans.

Review: Cottingley by Alison Littlewood

Cottingley is a treat and another triumph for one of the best writers of dark fiction around, Alison Littlewood.

Novedades de Junio en Hispanoamérica

News of book releases, writing contests and other speculative fiction events of interest to Spanish speakers.

Noticias Literatura 12-7

An overview of the rules of the 2017 Domingo Santos Award for short stories and the launch of "Ambition to the Light of the Moon" by Robert E. Howard.

Noticias Literatura 5-7

The launch of Sergi Álvarez' satirical novel The Silencer and a description of the latest issue of "Science Fiction Studies" focused on Spanish SF.

Noticias Literatura 28-6

The announcement of the winning novel for the Minotauro 2017 Award, and an interview with author Pepe Carabel.

Noticias Literatura 21-6

Interviews with authors Dioni Arroyo and Javier Sáchez, who talk about their latest novels.

Noticias Literatura 14-6

Links to TerBi videos, a call for short stories for an anthology on the theme of "Cachava y boina," and more!

Noticias Literatura 7-6

Fallo del VII Certamen TerBi de Relato Temático Fantástico “Universos paralelos” Fallo del VII Certamen TerBi de Relato Temático Fantástico “Universos paralelos” En Bilbao, a 3...

Noticias Literatura 31-5

News of the Ignotus Award (the Spanish Hugos), the publication of El Club de los Etéreos by Aniel Dominic, and more!

Noticias Literatura 24-5

An interview with Paulo Soriano, editor of Contos de Terror, a horror magazine which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Noticias Literatura 10-5

Interview with David Calleja, author of “El cuento de Dione” and other news.

Noticias Literatura 3-5

Chronicle of the launch of a history of what is done to bodes after they die, a work of experimental fiction that demands a lot of the reader, and more.

Noticias Literatura 26-4

An interview with the three editors of 1818: Origen.

Novedades de Marzo en Hispanoamérica

News of speculative fiction book launches, magazine publications and writing contests and other events of interest to Spanish readers.

Noticias literatura 19-4

Announcement of the publication of "1818: Origin. Anthology of Hispano-Mexican" speculative fiction.

Noticias Literatura 12-4

A report on the launch of Alejandro Castroguer's novel The Crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ Considered as a Race for Bicycles Uphill, and more. (Spanish)

Filming Stephen King: the task that’s defeated dozens of movie-makers

Why have so many Stephen King novels remained so stubbornly resistant to Hollywood adaptation?

Noticias Literatura 5-4

A chronicle of the launch of Tony Jiménez' horror anthology comic The Guardian of Fear; an interview with Jon Icaro, author of the novel The Healer of Time; and more!

Noticias Literatura 29-3

An account of the presentation of "La era del espíritu baldío," a fractal collection of stories by Damián Cordobés.

Noticias Literatura 22-3

Previews of new Spanish language fantasy and science fiction novels.

Review: King Kong vs Tarzan by Will Murray

A lot happened between Skull Mountain and the Empire State Building. Will Murray fills the void with this colossal confrontation between two iconic characters in King Kong vs Tarzan.