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Articles and posts that deal with the literature of horror and its sub-genres.

Review: The Teardrop Method, by Simon Avery

It is a story about ... the transmutation of the darkest personal grief into art, and about the coming to terms with the inevitability of death.

Noticias Literatura 24-1

Horror by Women anthology, three new novels from Cerberus and the Guillermo de Baskerville 2017 award winner for best indie book, a dark fantasy.

Noticias Literatura 17-1

A long list and discussion of Spanish dystopias and an anthology inspired by Black Mirror.

Book Review: The Teardrop Method by Simon Avery

In Simon Avery's novella, the interstitial dark spaces are filled with horrors and a creeping unease that drags the reader in and won’t let go

Noticias Literatura 10-1

Upcoming events and releases.

Noticias Literatura 3-1

Windumanoth issue 2, featuring an interview with Joe Abercrombie and Supersonic #9 a special English edition

Noticias Literatura 27-12

A new incarnation of the fanzine Terbi, and interview with Nieves Delgado, author of "36" and the latest issue of miNatura Nº 158 Julio Verne Universe

Noticias Literatura 20-12

Two new "Nova Fantastica" anthologies announced.

Noticias Literatura 12-12

An interview with the author of "Tomorrow we will cross the Ganges", Ekaitz Ortega

Noticias Literatura 6-12

A call for submissions and an interview with the author of Jo, Jo, Jo.

Noticias Literatura 29-11

A new release featuring Santa Claus and Zombies, coverage of horror in a prestigious journal, and more

Noticias Literatura 22-11

Winners of the Premios Ignotus Award for 2017, new book releases, magazine issues and more.

Noticias Literatura 16-11

News from and of interest to the Spanish speaking speculative fiction community.

Novedades de Octubre

News of speculative fiction book publications, magazines and more of interest to Spanish speaking fans.

Noticias Literatura 9-11

A book launch, writing contests and more news of interest to Spanish speaking fans of speculative fiction.
The Devil-Doll

A. Merritt on Film: Burn, Witch, Burn!

Tod Browning's adaptation of A Merritt's Burn, Witch Burn! was less faithful to the source material than a Mexican film based on the same material, but was technically a much better film.

Horror on the radio: the BBC broadcasts The Omen and Hammer’s...

Seventy-nine years after Orson Welles terrified America with The War of the Worlds, BBC Radio productions of The Omen and The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula prove that the medium retains its power to chill.

Noticias Literatura 1-11-17

News of TerBi, new novel releases and "The search for identity in gender literature" presentation + colloquium.
Seven Footprints to Satan.

A. Merritt on Film: Seven Footprints to Satan

Taken as a spiritual successor to The Cat and the Canary, Seven Footprints to Satan is not too bad. That said, it is a shame that First National missed the chance to give filmgoers a full-blooded A. Merritt adaptation.

Noticias Literatura 25-10

News of the latest Spanish language speculative fiction releases, as well as a horror symposium.

Noticias Literatura 18-10

News of a writing contest and the release of the latest issue of Digital miNatura.

Novedades de Septiembre

News about Spanish language speculative fiction book releases, Web articles and anthology calls.

Noticias Literatura 11-10

News of upcoming Spanish language speculative fiction novels and other publications.

Horror’s Moby Dick: a short review of Stephen King’s IT

For all its faults, IT is horror’s Moby Dick – a gargantuan tale so full of powerfully rendered characters, ideas and episodes that it bears returning to and analysing, one memorable passage at a time.

Noticias Literatura 4-10

Announcement of the next Terbi conference, as well as the launch of the novel "Mañana cruzaremos el Ganges" by Ekaitz Ortega.

Noticias Literatura 27-9

A link to the programme for Hispacon and the announcement of a new issue of Iberoamericana Magazine.

Noticias Literatura 20-9

The contents of SuperSonic Issue 8, the program of the 9th Gothic Week of Madrid dedicated to Lovecraft, and more.

Noticias Literatura 13-9

A review of Begoña Pérez Ruiz's novel Blue and the announcement of a sale on the few remaining copies of books from Spiral Science Fiction.

Noticias Literatura 6-9

An announcement about new publications from Ediciones El transbordador, Apache Libros takes over publication of the winners of the UPC Awards, and more!

Noticias Literatura 30-8

The publication of YOSS' satirical novel Super Extra Grande, a call for a new anthology of speculative fiction, and more.