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Nécrologie – Alain Paris

RIP Alain Paris

Les Mondes miroirs

A review of Mirror Worlds by Vincent Mondiot and Raphael Lafarge, a story that has taken an interesting path to publication.

Au crépuscule d’Anthony Boulanger

A review of a trilogy's finale finds it a bit wanting

Frères d’enchantement

Siana's Brothers of Enchantment delves into 'arcanepunk'

Le crépuscule d’Aesir

Sword and sorcery is not a well-regarded genre in France; The Twilight of Aesir may change some minds.

Quelques small presse de plus

Small presses are picking up the genre mantle in France.

Les prix en 2018

A round up of French SF/F Awards presented in 2018

Nécrologie : Hugues Douriaux

The French author Hugues Douriaux died this past November.

Les small press de 2018

French small presses pick up the slack in genre when the publishers fail to create imprints.

Les éditeurs régionaux se lancent dans l’imaginaire

Two traditional publishing houses in France that have eschewed genre previously now embrace it.

Des sorciers et des hommes / Thomas Geha

A short yet telling review of Sorcerers and Men, a fix up novel featuring protagonists readers ought to hate.

Les états généraux de l’imaginaire

A report on the discussions at Utopiales de Namtes

Les littératures de l’imaginaire et le jeu de rôle en France

While there have been French fantasy authors who started playing and/or writing about Role Playing Games, the connection is complicated.

Les BD de fantasy en France

A look at some French fantasy comics.

Les femmes dans la SF française

A look at the way French female science fiction writers have struggled to gain acceptance over decades.

Rencontre avec les éditions Hydralune

An interview with Hydralune, a collective of nine French authors of speculative fiction.

Les nouvelles small press

An overview of new small presses that publish in French that have been established since the beginning of 2015.

L’année 2015 en prix

A roundup of French Literary Awards for genre fiction

Les auteurs majeurs des années 2000

A profile of major French authors of the 2000s.

Les nouvelles small press

A round-up of new French small presses publishing genre fiction.

L’évolution du lectorat des littératures de l’imaginaire

Even in France, the times, they are a-changin.

Histoire de la fantasy française

Fabien recalls the history of fantasy tales in France and clues us in to a new fantasy renaissance just gearing up.