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Reseña de Libro: Los Jinetes del Recuerdo de Antonio Mora Vélez

A review of Los Jinetes del Recuerdo, a collection of science fiction poems by Antonio Mora Vélez.

Interview with Award-Winning Author David Brin

R K Troughton interviews David Brin about his writing, science background, and more.

Springer’s “Science and Fiction” Series Launched!

How does Einstein’s description of space and time compare with Dr. Who? Can James Bond really escape from an armor-plated railroad car by cutting through the floor with a laser concealed in a wristwatch?

The Myth of Science: Rewind

The Greek philosopher Socrates spoke frequently about wisdom and understanding. While there is some debate as to his actual quote, the summary is as follows: One cannot know anything with absolute certainty but can feel confident about certain things.

The Fuzzy Line Between Science Fiction and Fantasy

Pull the blinds and turn off the phone, it’s time to head to the Game Room and lock in on some hardcore meta-gaming action. ...