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Asni’s Art Blog: Interview with Fractal Artist Johan Andersson

Johan Andersson is a surreal painter and sculptor from Sweden, who became a pioneer in the 3D fractal art world and 3D printed fractals after the discovery of the mandelbulb in 2009.

Asni’s Art Blog: Black Hole

Black holes represent a deep seated fear of being sucked into the void, propelled out of existence.

The Artful Collector: Where Are They Now? Spotlight on Artist...

Where's Fred Gambino? Premiering a new art book at this year's Worldcon!

The Long Road to Digital Illustration: Profile of Duncan Long

A profile of Amazing Stories' go-to artist - Duncan Long.

The Artful Collector: Art Hierarchies #9: Art That Lasts Is Better...

Final installment in the art hierarchies series discussing the permanance of art.

The Artful Collector: Art Hierarchies #7: Art That Is Created by...

Jane Frank, the Artful Collector, discusses actual and perceived value of handmade art.

The Artful Collector: Is it All in the Image?

At the heart of this debate is a real difference between how some creators of commercial art (i.e, art produced for the purpose of...