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Comic Review: After Twilight

A Texas-sized dystopia

Why was Early Comic Book Art so Crude? (Part 1)

Why was early comic book art so crude? It wasn't all the artist's fault....

Where Have all the Artists Gone?

Is there a conspiracy?

Haunted Holiday Gift Guide: Book Lover’s Edition

Use these suggestions to have a "horrible" holiday

There’s a New Trio of Superheroes in Town

Get your superhero mojo going with this movie collection now on Now TV

Review: SKORPIO, by Mike Baron

a review of comics writer Mike Baron's Skorpio

Doujinshi: Distinctly Japanese

There are many expressions of fandom that cross genres and cultures - fan fiction, fan art, even cosplay.  But there is one form in...

Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe

If you're looking for a glossy, full-colour account of Marvel Comics, featuring classic artwork and covers from the company's long history, this book is...

Four Color Heroes! or: Superman at 75!

So Superman is 75 years old. That's astounding. What's even more astounding is how good he looks, given that he is now a senior citizen....