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Los enredos burocráticos de “Iménez” de Noriega

A review of the re-issued novel by Colombian author Luis Noriega - Iménez

Presentación de Libro. Aniquilan las Estrellas por mí de Andrés Felipe...

A short excerpt from the novel Aniquila las estrellas por mí by Andrés Felipe Escovar

Blogger invitado: Un viaje al cosmos profundo Por Cristián Londoño Proaño

Antonio Mora Vélez's Journey to the Neighboring Universe is a collection that transcends boundaries.

Pensando la ciencia ficción desde Colombia

A two volume anthology of Columbian SF and words about its editor, Rodrigo Bastidas

Blogger Invitado: Carlos Eduardo de Jesús Sierra Cuartas. La dimensión ética...

look at the ethical dimensions in the science fiction of René Rebetez Cortes and Antonio Mora Vélez.

Novedades de Marzo en Hispanoamérica

News of speculative fiction book launches, magazine publications and writing contests and other events of interest to Spanish readers.

Novedades de Enero

January was a busy month for Spanish language speculative fiction, with many book and magazine releases, calls for stories and more!

Blogger Invitado: René Cueto. Viaje al Universo Vecino de Antonio Mora...

Guest reviewer René Cueto finds beauty and a lot to ponder about human nature in Antonio Mora Vélez' new novel, Viaje al Universo Vecino

Novedades de Marzo, Abril y Mayo

New releases and happenings in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and more