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Gene Cernan And The Last Flag On The Moon

Apollo 17 Astronaut Eugene Cernan (1934-2017) and the American flag he raised, became the last of their kind to stand on the Moon.

Review: Capricorn One by Ron Goulart

Not all government cover-ups need to be about little green men. The novelization of Capricorn One by Ron Goulart shows us that man-made treacheries can be just as disconcerting.

Flags On The Moon: Apollo 17 (The Last Flag)

Apollo 17 was the last Apollo Moon Landing, the last crewed space flight beyond Earth orbit, and the last time human beings have set foot on the Moon.

Flags On The Moon: Program Apollo (Who Owns The Moon?)

Today, if they think about it at all, most Americans take for granted that the Apollo astronauts planted American flags on the Moon. That wasn't always the plan.

The Apollo Program, A Personal Journal: Reality Votes Last

A complex system like Apollo or Space Shuttle is impersonal, amoral. It is indifferent to human objectives, human aspirations, or human lives. Like reality itself, it moves only to its internal agenda.

The Apollo Program, A Personal Journal: Interest Fades

Public and Congressional support for Program Apollo waned after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. My company handed out layoff notices before Apollo 11 splashed down.