Copyright Registration Rule Change Allows Flat Fee Registration of Short Textual...

New rule allows for registration of multiple short works

SF/F Magazines Wait Out The Great Pause—Part 2: Short- and Long-Term...

Ira Nayman, Amazing's editor, chimes in with thoughts from F&SF, Clarkesworld, Uncanny and others

SF/F Magazines Wait Out The Great Pause—Part 1: Submissions & Supplies

Check it out: Amazing Stories was consulted....

Authors Invited to Share Information for #PublishingPaidMe Report

Study wants to look at how advances are distributed in the industry

Convención : Uroboros 2020

Announcing the International Convention of Fantasy Literature, Horror and Science Fiction - Uroboros

Interview: Author Anna Hackett on Completing the 20 Book Hell Squad...

Completing a 20 book series is an accomplishment. Completing a 20 book SF Romance series is unprecedented!

SFWA News Round Up: Year-Round Online Education: Health Care Program: Statement...

SFWA commits to addressing unaddressed racism within the organization

Amazing Stories Lanza un Nuevo Kickstarter

Yes, Amazing is running another Kickstarter

Which Character Do Readers Ask Me To Write for?

I have to wait until the right story occurs to me or strikes my fancy

AMAZINGCON Features Writing Workshops!

Want to learn to write/write better? Check out AmazingCon's writing workshops

One Track Mind for Writing Tools and Apps

Tools and Apps beyond the keyboard

Science Fiction Romance Novels Featuring Mothers – Part One

That Only A Mother, by Judith Merrill, may have been the first SF Romance story about mothers. Here are some other, more contemporary takes.

Writing Is Like Polishing an Uncut Gem

Metaphors for adding new material into a work in progress

Not-so-still Life: Writing from an Inanimate Object’s Point of View

We know that the dish ran away with the spoon, but who knows what untold, breathtaking adventures they had

Interview: Author M G Herron On Writing Science Fiction Detective Stories...

An interview with M.G. Herron, author of the noir detective - pulp SF thriller Culture Shock

Repetition, repetition, repetition….

With so many people engaging in tasks that are often thought of as repetitive (baking all kinds of breads and cakes, sewing and crocheting and knitting and long involved projects like filling coloring books or creating mandalas...) these kinds of time-waster games are filling a similar need.

Why Independent Publishing Works For Me

I’m intensely grateful for this opportunity to write and sell my books now and for me, indie publishing is the way to go.

Donate to Help Members of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of...

For any SFWA members who are struggling to afford necessary expenses due to lost revenue from COVID-19 illness or related restrictions, SFWA wants to help cover those expenses.

Voracious Reader Here, A Consumer of Books

Do you set aside time for it each day? How do you decide what to read next?

Infringement Alert – “National Emergency Library”

"Emergency Library" creates an emergency of infringement.

Author Finances – From Gold Rush to Tidal Wave to Steady...

How do you budget on the un-even income of a writer?

Tropes Are Like A Box of Chocolates

Tropes. Can't live without them, can't kill them.

The Reality of Writing in Uncertain Times

There is this insidious assumption that suffering and struggle are good for writers

Donate the Help Members of Science Fiction and FantasyWriters of America...

Donate to help out the folks what bring you great stuff!

Greatest City On Earth: The City We Became by N. K....

You can see the contours of a city’s soul in its skyline at dusk.

SFWA Unveils an Innovative “Virtual” Nebula Conference

updates to the conference

Noticias Literatura 25-3

Publisher offers free stories for virus shut-ins; Tartarus magazine opens Apocalypse anthology to submissions The Tartarus Magazine