Early exposure to dogs might curb schizophrenia risk, Maryland researchers say

it could very well be the case that exposure to dogs had some benefit for the children's developing immune systems.

Genius Series: Why Schrödinger’s cat is the ultimate reality check

If you're a fan of cats who exist as a probability cloud, this stuff is for you

SCIENCE: Water Bears Have a Fatal Weakness – heat

awwwww. now we'll have to search elsewhere to find a faster than light drive. (Besides, we like running images of tardigrades...)

Is artificial-womb technology a tool for women’s liberation?

While some women experience pregnancy and childbirth as joyful, natural and fulfilling, others find themselves recoiling in horror at the physical demands

This flu season is especially bad. Researchers might have developed a...

A nanoparticle influenza vaccine developed at Georgia State University proved effective in mice

World’s oldest forest found in New York state​

Research of site specimens suggests that the forebearers to modern plants evolved much earlier than expected.

Nuclear-powered Mars rover to search for old life, prepare for human...

Provided it gets through the launch, the orbital manuevers, maintains communications, doesn't suffer from glitches and makes a successful landing, we're in for some really cool discoveries

How do flames behave in zero-gravity? Strangely, NASA study shows

Astronauts are very excited to be playing with fire in space

Legalized marijuana linked to lower opioid abuse; death rates

Medical Professionals and our representatives should honor science instead of lobbying and marketing efforts by pharmaceutical companies

5 neuroscience reality checks, from a top neuroscientist

Consciousness, a phenomenon responsible for your ability to read and understand these words, often feels like a given

Garjainia put the ‘hyper’ in ‘hypercarnviore’

There are lots of animals from this period of time that were bizarre and interesting but we don't know much about them at all.

SPACE: The Decade in Astronomy

There's a lot going on out there!

Mars 2020 will hunt for ‘microfossils’, signs of ancient alien life

The discovery of past life on Mars would be revolutionary

SPACE: Milky Way’s Giant Black Hole May Have aFriend

New calculation suggest there may be TWO black holes at the center of our galaxy

6 video games that can help older players focus and relax

Some games have been found to improve the health of senior players diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Are over-the-counter psychedelics in our future?

Speaking of plants...or, in this case, fungi

When Plants Scream

When they start walking is the time to really worry.

Despite almost no research, the pet CBD industry will grow to...

Just because it makes YOU feel good, doesn't mean it's good for the dog
robot - pixabay

SPACE: Russian Robots on the Moon to Track Asteroids

Russians on the Moon. With a permanent base, even!

The First Shape Shifters?

Shape-shifting may be 44,000 years old

SPACE: NASA Releases “Treasure Map” of Mars

Water ice close to the surface is critical for Mars missions. NASA just released a map of where it can be found.

These video games can help mature gamers unwind — and increase...

Games can teach? Say it ain't so!

Consider the axolotl: Our great hope of regeneration?

the writer Aldous HUxley, adopted the axolotl as a metaphor for mankind, its peculiar neoteny an emblem of our incompletion, our frustrated potentiality.

Mars 2020 will hunt for ‘microfossils’, signs of ancient alien life

Finding signs of life on Mars would finally settle the longstanding question: Is Earth the only planet capable of supporting life?

Why Nikola Tesla was obsessed with the Egyptian pyramids

In 1905, Tesla filed a patent in the U.S. titled "The art of transmitting electrical energy through the natural medium,"

Looking for Bigfoot

Investigating cryptocurrency might be more profitable than investigating cryptozoology

6 video games that can help older players focus and relax

Yeah, relax. Video games do anything but relax me.

A comet ‘burps’ as a satellite watches the whole thing

Comet 46P/Wirtanen has gas, and TESS was there to see it

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Water Bears

So far as we know, they can't be used for FTL travel

Researchers find a lack of sleep makes the brain lean on...

Want to cure your anxiety? Deep sleep.