¿Y si Venus tuviera vida? Una vieja historia de Bradbury y...

Venus. Following the recent report of life-chemicals found in its atmosphere, is it any wonder that we're all thinking swampy things again?

Pattern recognition influences religious belief, according to new study

It's one thing to give credit to one god for everything, but quite another to assign a variety of divine figures for the relationships between natural phenomena.

Did life on Earth start in space? Study finds evidence of...

New evidence supports a once dismissed theory.

Mars colony: Humanity’s greatest quest

the spirit of exploration and curiosity is in our DNA
Rainbow Metoerite

“Rainbow Meteorite” May Carry the Building Blocks of Life

CHON - Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen - the building blocks of life. If you're thinking Pohl's Gateway, you'd be right.

What really happens in your body and brain when you orgasm?

Of course they were going to study what happens in the brain during an orgasm now that they have technology to do it.

Chernobyl fungus could shield astronauts from cosmic radiation

Why do those spacesuits look so fuzzy? Oh, that's just the radiosynthesizing fungus....

ESA’s ‘interplanetary cargo ship’ to carry Mars rocks to Earth in...

On July 30, NASA is set to launch the Perseverance rover toward Mars on a mission to search for biosignatures of ancient life...

Perseverence Scheduled to Launch Today at 7:50 am

Perseverence, with Ingenuity aboard, launches today at 7:50 am est

Space travel could create language unintelligible to people on Earth

Let's say a contingent of people boards a so-called "generation ship," a fully-stocked world-onto-itself spacecraft...

An ancient tomcat skeleton is found along the Silk Road

What they haven't found yet is the proto-SF novel that can was reading....

The New Mars Missions

Learn more about the three missions heading to Mars

A catastrophic asteroid shower hit Earth & moon 800 million years...

Moon crater data sheds light on a 800 million year old catastrophe

What is the viewing experience of VR porn really like?

Want to know where the future is going? Don't read SF - study the porn industry. (Don't worry, this article is family-friendly.)

How to catch Comet NEOWISE before it’s gone

If you can't wait 6,800 years, you better get out there and look now

SF Unbound Interviewed Taiyo Fujii on COVID-19

An interview with Japanese author Taiyo Fujii, focusing on the Covid-19 Pandemic

CLUBHOUSE: Review: The Oppenheimer Alternative by Robert J. Sawyer

Our second review of Sawyer's latest; well worth two reviews, well worth the read.

Urban foxes self-evolve, exhibiting Darwin’s domesticationsyndrome

Fox's self-domestication may echo that of cats and dogs

NASA’s new project lets you take a simulated ride in a...

Now this is what we call an amusement park ride

NASA videos show what sunsets look like elsewhere in the galaxy

Don't let the sun go down on me, unless it's Mars or some other world I see...

Are There Galaxies Governed by Two Black Holes?

Double Hole, Double Hole, Two Black Holes in One (Galaxy)

Study: Life might survive, and thrive, in a hydrogen world

Imagine if, in our search, we did encounter alien organisms but failed to recognize them as actual life.

Crew Dragon in Space: An Historic Launch for SpaceX and NASA

Mission Accomplished as SpaceX and NASA launch the first commercial crew into space

Crew Dragon Launch to the ISS Rescheduled for Today

SpaceX's Crew Dragon makes another attempt to reach the ISS today.


NASA and SpaceX launch the first manned flight from Kennedy in nearly a decade.

Researchers Find Traces of Martian Oceans in Antarctic Meteorite

That meteorite that 'might' have had microbes in it has been found to have evidence of ancient Martian water. Maybe.

First Manned Launch From Kennedy in Nearly a Decade – Tomorrow

Where/how to watch tomorrow's historic manned launch to the ISS

New hypothesis argues the universe simulates itself into existence

Could you and everything else in the universe actually be an "emergent subthought"? Klee Irwin thinks so.

Long spaceflights change astronauts’ brain structure, new study suggests

Astronauts have swelled heads. Literally.