Noticias Literatura 21-8

Talks, monologues, games, contests, role-playing, live performances and much more at the Luminaria conference

Emergency Editorial

Joseph Campbell did not edit Amazing Stories. John W. Campbell edited Astounding Stories


N3F Announces the 2019 NEFFY Award Winners and Amazing Stories takes home the Best Magazine award

Review: Ye Olde Magick Shoppe

A welcomed change from the typical anthology of mystic adventures, Ye Olde Magick Shoppe is a shop within a shop.


These are the winners of the 1944 Retrospective Hugo Awards

Vuntor: Una historia para contar

Adhara Stanley", a young Bolivian writer, takes us in her novel VUNTOR through dream worlds and realities that combine in a whirlpool of magical images.

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance Feature Favorite Tropes

SF Romance - kidnappings, cyborgs of the week, a "fantasy island" offering a "Galaxy Quest like" adventure for NASA geeks (omg, what's NOT to love?) and more in this bi-weekly roundup

Anime roundup 8/15/2019: The Man Behind the Curtain

In this week's viewing: Granbelm points to the real villain, The Ones Within casts aspersions on the GM, and more!


According to the Hugo Awards website, live text coverage of the Retrospective Hugo Awards will being in apprroximately two hours from now - or...

Noticias Literatura 14-8

TerBi celebrates its 25th anniversary; the second iteration of Ansible, the feminist festival, has been scheduled and the Lovecraft Circle publishes its tenth edition.

Novedades de Julio en Hispanoamérica

New releases and reissues; new issues of Aeternum, miNatura, Penumbria; interviews and presentations by several Amazing Stories authors, and more.


This week after an absence, Steve talks about Mars as myth, especially as portrayed by Leigh Brackett. Which do YOU prefer? Myth or science fact?

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Pulp Literature Magazine #23

Fine writing throughout in this magazine devoted to pulp fiction of a higher literary calling.

Anime roundup 8/8/2019: The Family That Slays Together

In this week's viewing: The Ones Within examines family matters, Granbelm explains another motivation, and more!

Noticias Literatura 7-8

Mónica Cuartero interviews of José Manuel González, author of Memories of the Old Earth and José Manuel González interviews Mónica Cuartero, author of Children of the River

Science Fiction Books to Look For This Month – August 2019

15 caosule reviews offer more than enough to check out for the month

Les chasseurs noirs de Jean Bury

A review of an overlooked novel dealing with the issue of child soldiers.

Talk About Creative Writing Contests! THIS is a Creative Writing...

Help prominent golden age authors finish their novel - correctly!

Tonight on American Masters – Ursula K. Le Guin

Fames SF author Ursula K. Le Guin is featured tonight on PBS' American Masters

Anime roundup 8/1/2019: Boom Today

In this week's viewing: Dr. Stone reaches the gunpowder age, Granbelm ramps up the firepower, and more!

Review: Pimp My Airship by Maurice Broaddus

Pimp My Airship by Maurice Broaddus tells a beautiful story filled with mystery and wonder and just enough Steampunk elements to satisfy the hardened fan.

Noticias Literatura 31-7

Updates from the Spanish CF world: Cerbero to publish Kameron Hurley's God's War.


Final voting for the awards closes tonight!

Reseña de Libro: Cuando se Extinga la Luz de Dioni Arroyo

A feminist novel uncovering the dangers of feminist worlds.

Anime roundup 7/25/2019: The Only Winning Move

In this week's viewing: The final lineup for the season is set... but first, some thoughts about the tragedy in Kyoto.

Noticias Literatura 24-7

Author of the Ignotus Award winning novels Demons in the Sky and Mortal Health, Gabriel Bermúdez died on May 19, 2019.

The 2019 Hugo Awards – Publisher’s Picks

Amazing Stories' publisher's picks for the 2019 Hugo and Retrospective Hugo Awards.

The Game’s a Journey, Not a Destination

Many times a story isn't so much about what happens at the ending, but rather the journey taken to get there.  In fact the...

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance – July 18, 2019

A not fully function cyborg, alien saviors, an AI God, an alien bounty hunter, an assassin tasked with targeting children, a woman kidnapped for an alien breeder program and vampire family politics round out this week's offerings.

Anime roundup 7/18/2019: Know When To Hold ‘Em

In this week's viewing: The rest of the summer premieres, plus some second looks.