Science Fiction Romance Includes Sassy ‘Galactic Gramma’ Characters

Addressing the "older woman" issue in genre fiction: The SFR author community seems very open to writing stories of action, adventure and romance for women of any age, depending on the story the writer wishes to tell.

Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick New Releases

New Heinlein coming! Turtledove, Sawyer, Sheffield and more!

CLUBHOUSE: Review: On Spec Magazine issue #112

Capsule reviews of the latest issue of On Spec magazine

ReV by Madeline Ashby announcement and exclusive cover reveal

Announcing the third novel in Madeline Ashby’s Machine Dynasty series

Science Fiction Books to Look for December 2019

While you're waiting to unwrap your presents, pick up something fun to read

Author Cynthia Sax Discusses Cyborgs and Science Fiction Romance

Cyborgs appeal, especially on Cyborg Monday. Find out why in this interview with the "Mistress" of Cyborg Romance, Cynthia Sax

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Neo-opsis Magazine #30

A review of Neo-Opsis magazine issue 30.

Sci-Fi Short Film “We Were Not Made for this World”presented by...

We Were Not Made For This World is part II of The Robot Scriptures -- a three-part short film series about the origin, evolution, and exodus of artificial intelligence.

Frontiers of Gender: Transcendent 4, Edited by Bogi Takács

The Transcendent series from Lethe Press (a longtime publisher of queer sff of all stripes) collects a yearly roundup of best transgender speculative short fiction in this vein

Brandon Sanderson’s Starsight: Exclusive Chapter Excerpt

An excerpt from Brandon Sanderson's latest - Starsight

Noticias Literatura 27-11

EFEMÉRIDE, an anthology collecting the best stories from the Apollo 11 story contest and images from GolemFest

Christopher Paolini announces new novel To Sleep In A Sea Of...

I wanted to capture the sense of wonder I feel when looking at the stars… or when thinking about the future of humanity as it expands beyond Earth.

The Internet Is Watching You, and It Really Wants to Help:...

Based on the Hugo Award winniing short story Cat Pictures, Please

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Anathema Magazine #8

Issue number 8 of Anathema - an online tri-annual speculative fiction magazine of work by “queer POC / Indigenous / Aboriginal creators”

New Releases in Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance for NOV 21

Casmir has survived against impossible odds, and now he longs to return home. But an invasion force is blockading the Kingdom’s wormhole gate - this and more in this week's SF romance roundup

Noticias Literatura 20-11

Moriremos por fuego amigo, a collection of essays on Spanish science fiction and its fandom by Juan Manuel Santiago; and a conference on the educational value of science fiction in Barcelona

Anime roundup 11/21/2019: Bearing Gifts

In this week's viewing: Dr. Stone brings another modern comfort to the Stone Age, Welcome to Demon School examines a mixed blessing, and more!

REVIEW: Spark in the Stars, by Foster Bridget Cassidy

A case of mistaken identity could lead to love for an aloof starship captain and a brilliant if underappreciated mechanic from the sticks—if they can survive the dangerous mission assigned to them.

Other Space: Episode 1

We can't display this one directly, but clicking the link is worth it.

Review: Rediscovery from Journey Press

Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women is a reminder that we all need to take a step back and appreciate the talents that paved the way.

Sidekicks and the Meta-game

he sidekick is often the one person who sees the “real” hero. The more far-future and fantastic the world becomes, the more essential this kind of character is.

Amazing Histories, Summer 1928: The Third Quarter

The editors realize that, this being your publication, you, the reader, have certain ideas, not only about this publication, but about scientifiction as well.

Portals and Expansive Future Technology in Salvation Lost by Peter F....

if you want giant wide screen space opera with interesting technology and extrapolations of the implications of same, Hamilton is one of the guiding lights

Be Better Than Yesterday: Star Wars: Resistance Reborn by Rebecca Roanhorse

The reigning Best New Writer turns in a Star Wars novel

Experimenter Publishing Announces Launch of Amazing Selects with Allen Steele’s Captain...

Allen Steele's Captain Future in Love launches Amazing Selects novella-length series

Anime roundup 11/14/2019: Fighting Ugly

In this week's viewing: Dr. Stone's villains find an unpleasant way to fight, Kemono Michi is just unpleasant, and more!

Noticias Literatura 13-11

EC.O 2019 Day schedule of events

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: The Light at...

The two biggest draws for the first book in Shah’s new series are setting and characters. Shah is a remarkable worldbuilder, with a keen sense of when and how much information to parcel out. Underwater London is both familiar and fantastical

Review: What’s Bred in the Bone by Jan S. Gephardt

The divide between human and canine is narrowed in the novel What’s Bred in the Bone. As author Jan S. Gephardt rewrites the definition of a hero.