CLUBHOUSE: Review: Augur Magazine, Vol. 3 #1

A review of Augur magazine, a publication which brings uncommon perspectives, and brings together the often disparate realms of literary and genre fiction

¿Y si Venus tuviera vida? Una vieja historia de Bradbury y...

Venus. Following the recent report of life-chemicals found in its atmosphere, is it any wonder that we're all thinking swampy things again?

Reseña de Revista: Relatos Increíbles n. 18

A review of Incredible Stories #18

The Foundation Trilogy Reread: Prelude to Foundation

The key to making Prelude to Foundation work is Seldon himself and, like many of Asimov’s other scientist-heroes, he works.

When Spreadsheets and Superheroes Collide: Hench by Natalie Zina Walschots

Like many other temps, Anna works for a soulless company with little regard for the people it uses up. The only difference is that she temps in the underworld of supervillains

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Pulp Literature Magazine #27

A review of the stories, poems and interview in the latest issue of Pulp Literature magazine

Veronica Scott Shares 5 Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction Novels As An...

For a little dystopic distraction from our dystopia, try these reads.

CHADWICK… and SPUTNIK REVIEW (Some spoilers)

Today Steve reviews a Russian science fiction movie set during the days of the USSR. Russia’s putting out some pretty good SF movies these days!

“Volver a la piel” de Porcayo: volver a lo sensible

Mexican author Gerardo Horacio Porcayo's novel, Back to the Skin, evokes Well's Island of Doctor Moreau.

Science Fiction to Look For September 2020

Robots and Space Opera feature in this month's roundup

Science Fiction Carries On: The Year’s Best Science Fiction Vol. 1...

Praise for Strahan's annual best anthology

Pensando la literatura fantástica con Borges

Coverage of a 1967 lecture by Jorge Luis Borges on - "Fantastic Literature"

REVIEW: F&SF July-August 2020 (Part II)

Steve finishes a two-part review of the July-August issue of F&SF—the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. It’s an excellent issue of a top SF/F magazine!

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Dragon-Rain and Other Stories, by Eileen Kernaghan

The description in this tale is lush and vivid, conjuring up details of a spiritual reality quite different from Western tradition.

REVIEW: F& SF July-August 2020 (Part I)

Steve starts a two-part review of the July-August issue of F&SF—the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. It’s a very good magazine!


Again, Steve reviews a retro movie from the ‘50s. He must like them... except we don’t think he liked this one!


Some fans don’t like old black-and-white movies. This one, while not without a certain charm, may be part of the reason. Or not... you decide!

Los enredos burocráticos de “Iménez” de Noriega

A review of the re-issued novel by Colombian author Luis Noriega - Iménez

Review: The Earliest Bradbury

This volume is focused on Bradbury’s early work and activities that have previously been unavailable to most readers, including 120+ articles, stories, drawings and references from a variety of early fan publications

Reseña de revista: Relatos increíbles 17.

A review of Incredible Stories magazine #17.

Memoria del futuro boliviano: sobre “En el cuerpo una voz” de...

An internationally published post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by Bolivian author Maximiliano Barrientos

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Unnerving Magazine #13

This issue a good mix of fun and creepiness, with some first class writing.

Science Fiction to Look For August 2020

Debut novels galore! Hard SF, Mil-SF and more!

Astounding Histories, April 1930: Venusian Vampires and Marine Monsters

The fourth issue of the magazine the Astounding Award (for Best New Author) is named.

Reseña de Revistas: Crononautas. Primer Número.

A review of the new Peruvian magazine Crononautas

Tras las pistas de “Los custodios de la piedra” de Naranjo...

A review of The Custodians of the Stone the new novel by Ecuadorian writer Fernando Naranjo Espinoza

“Fata Morgana”: la ciencia ficción de Ortiz Lemos

A review of Ecuadorian writer Andrés Ortiz Lemos collection Fata Morgana


This week Steve brings back—in honour of Shark Week—a column from six years ago about the SYFY movie Sharknado. Does it hold up? Maybe we’ll all have to watch it to find out!

CLUBHOUSE: Review: “The Light Between Stars” edited by Catherine Fitzsimmons

Catherine’s experience as a publisher offers a role model in terms of what it takes to make the commitment.

Review: Ghost-Hunting for Dummies by Zak Bagans

Ghost-Hunting for Dummies by Zak Bagans is an insightful book that can provide both knowledge and entertainment for the aspiring paranormal investigator.