Substitute Editorial – Amazing Stories Summer 2019 Issue Preview

Revealing the contents of the very next issue of Amazing Stories!

Get Free Comics On May the Fourth Holiday

Just a short reminder that today, May the Fourth, a special holiday for fans of Star Wars, has been co-opted by comic books in...

Modern Myth and Meaning: The Rebel Starbird

[Joseph] Campbell thought that in order for modern society to rejuvenate itself from a detached spiritual condition, we were going to need some new symbols.

Support Amazing Stories Crowdfunder

Amazing Stories will be shipping our fourth issue in May (but probably not May the Fourth) and we’re looking towards our fall issue which...

It’s True. Young Readers Should Not Be Introduced To The...

Want a quick history lesson in the SF genre? Here's how to get one without having to wade through too much of that old, dated, socially jarring stuff without too much trouble.
Love, Death + Robots, a Review

Articles populaires de mars 2019

Fabian picks the top posts from March for French readers.

The Tale of the Man Who Was Too Lazy To Fail

Was RAH's allegory about indolence and sloth? No, it was not. However, this week's editorial might be.


After a short absence, Steve returns to bid farewell to a beloved SF author, Vonda N. McIntyre, and to talk about his TV addiction... er, favourite shows!

The Hugo Awards Best Related Work Category and the AO3 Nomination

A potentially controversial nomination highlights FanFic's reception by the SF community.

Announcements and a Vaycay

Announcing our new Indiegogo campaign

Rights Clearances & Amazing Stories

Amazing has received numerous rights queries over the past couple of weeks. Here's why we may not be able to help.

We’re Down On the Production Floor

You didn't know Amazing Stories was on the front lines of preventing the robopocalypse, did you? (Neither did we....)

Books into Film: Science Fiction Doesn’t Make It Easy

Hugo Nominations and commentary on turning books into film

Best Friend Blues

Amazing Stories Spring 2019 issue Table of Contents

Captain Marvel: A capsule review

A bit of review, a bit of commentary on the latest MCU offering - Captain Marvel

How Not To Slate and Do Other Stuff Peoples Won’t Like:...

You can't keep a good kerfuffle down! Notes on how to avoid starting a kerfuffle and related fuffle.

Another This and That

A few things have caught my eye these past two weeks; plus, a prognostication of future developments.

Boskone 56 – 2019: A Con Report

A more extended report on the happenings at Boskone 56.

Profit, or People?

In the strict definition of the word, we're insane.


Medical complaints and observations. Not for the squeamish.

5 Books that Give Voice to Artificial Intelligence |

Frankenstein leads off the historical list

Apologies for No News Features Today

No news and an explanation why

Very Short Editorial

You get your money's worth with this one!

The No Editorial Editorial or News About the TV Show

Filming continues in Georgia and we've got "exclusive" pics from Google Earth; plus a note about the daily schedule

What Do You Do When…

This week: examing one's options when it comes to writing editorials.

Amazing Stories Television Show Update & What We Want You To...

The Amazing Stories television show may be premiering as early as March of this year. Here's a wrap of what we know - and what we'd like you to do.

The Last Editorial*

A recap of the year gone past. "Not too shabby"....

A Bit of Holiday Fun – Science Fiction’s Sub-Genres

A little holiday fun with sub-genre definitions

Happy Forthcoming Turn of the Year

Thoughts on the winter/summer solstice.
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