Novedades de Julio 2020 en Hispanoamérica

Argentina includes genre in a Federal writing contest; Counterfactual has a review of the second issue ofAeternum; The Argentine North American Cultural Institute offers a creative writing workshop; more

Interview: Author J. L. Bourne on Influences for TRILOBYTE and More

The machines brought society to its knees. Now, the last remaining humans fight for survival—and to take back what's theirs.

SF Unbound Interviewed Taiyo Fujii on COVID-19

An interview with Japanese author Taiyo Fujii, focusing on the Covid-19 Pandemic

Noticias Literatura 8-7

The digital magazine Metahumano got such great response with their first issue, they're now calling for submissions for the second

Interview: Author Anna Hackett on Completing the 20 Book Hell Squad...

Completing a 20 book series is an accomplishment. Completing a 20 book SF Romance series is unprecedented!

Interview: Author Auryn Hadley on BIOLUMINESCENT and World Building Choices

Recently I read one of the more unusual science fiction romances to come my way, Bioluminescent (The Mimics Book 1) by Auryn Hadley

Noticias Literatura 10-6

An interview with Pablo Loperena, author of "Ciudad Nómada, Rebaño Misería": Aeternum puts out a call for submissions to EXTRAHUMANS - MUTATIONS

Interview : Emilie Querbalec

An interview with Emilie Querbalec, author of the soon to be released Quitter les monts d’Automne

Novedades de Mayo 2020 en Hispanoamérica

Multiple anthology new releases, new issues of several magazines, a Peruvian animated film is selected for Cannes, and more

Novedades de Abril en Hispanoamérica.

The latest in new releases, magazine issues, conventions and more in Hispanoamerica

Interview: Author M G Herron On Writing Science Fiction Detective Stories...

An interview with M.G. Herron, author of the noir detective - pulp SF thriller Culture Shock

The Sci-Fi Art of Paul Maitland

Can't go to a con? How about revisiting on and getting turned on to the UKCM - and one of its artist members - at the same time.

Interview: Author K. B. Wagers Discusses New Military SF Novel A...

Inspired by experience in the Coast Guard, this milSF novel is explored with an interview with the author

FLASHPOINT Series Authors Mike Kraus and Tara Ellis on Post Apocalyptic...

Half of the earth's population has been wiped out. Impossible to predict or stop, the Gamma Ray Burst tore through the Earth like a bullet, its radiation wave killing hundreds of millions and the aftereffects ensuring the deaths of billions more.

LOVED IN SPACE Anthology Authors Reveal Their Story Inspirations

When six topflight science fiction romance authors come together to do an anthology, that’s exciting for readers in the genre and a good opportunity...

BEHIND THE SUN ABOVE THE MOON Anthology Authors Share SFF Story...

Science Fiction and Fantasy just go together sometimes, and I feel like they're the perfect vessels for conversations involving gender.

Infinity Son: Interview with author Adam Silvera

Brothers struggle over power and its absence

Jeffe Kennedy Discusses Epic Fantasy and Her New Release THE FATE...

And the other one, Andi? The introverted, awkward middle princess is now the Sorceress Queen, Andromeda—and she stands at the precipice of a devastating war.

Pintip Dunn Discusses Her New SF YA Novel MALICE, Time Travel...

A boy in my class will one day wipe out two-thirds of the population with a virus. I don't know who he is.

Author Jenny Schwartz on Space Specters, the Allure of the Galactic...

Space Specter examines fear as both motivation and threat. If I discuss this too much, I’ll spoil the plot of the novel.

Interview: Ann Aguirre Talks About Alien Heroes and Her New Book...

He's awkward. He's adorable. He's alien as hell and he's a four-time loser in the annual Choosing.

Noticias Literatura 29-1

Ephemeris Anthology of Stories celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing

Interview: Author Honey Phillips Takes Cyborgs to the Mars Frontier

A desperate widow in need of a helping hand… even a cybernetic one.

Noticias Literatura 9-1

Controversy and response when Celsius232 invites Orson Scott Card to speak

Arnauld Pontier, portrait d’un auteur a typique

An interview with Arnauld Pontier, author of the F.E.L.I.N.E. trilogy

Author Tiffany Roberts Talks About Nonhuman Romantic Heroes in the Infinite...

I was delighted to interview Tiffany and Robert Freund about the topic in general and their latest release Untamed Hunger (The Infinite City Series Book 3) specifically.

Noticias Literatura 4-12

An interview with Pedro de Andrés, author of "White Pawn, Black Lady" and a round-up of Super Sonic Magazine No 15

Author Cynthia Sax Discusses Cyborgs and Science Fiction Romance

Cyborgs appeal, especially on Cyborg Monday. Find out why in this interview with the "Mistress" of Cyborg Romance, Cynthia Sax

Alien Reindeer Series Authors Bring Science Fiction Romance Holiday Tales

SF Romance for the Holidays. (Was Rudolph an alien, a mutant or a robot?)

Zombie Flies, Hub Trees & More: Madeleine Roux Discusses the Influences...

In this dark science fiction thriller, a young woman must confront her past so the human race will have a future.