Noticias Literatura 7-8

Mónica Cuartero interviews of José Manuel González, author of Memories of the Old Earth and José Manuel González interviews Mónica Cuartero, author of Children of the River

Noticias Literatura 10-7

Report on the Celsius Festival's programming; Minatura's 2019 Fantastic Microcuent contest rules, AEFCFT's nomination for ESFS awards; and interview with José Antonio Suárez about Alter Ego and more!

Pórtico, Encuentro de Ciencia Ficción en Argentina.

An interview with Chinchiya Arrakena, one of the organizers of Portico, a meeting series created to disseminate local, regional and national science fiction production, strengthen the relationship between the scientific-technological field and the science fiction community.

Noticias Literatura 12-6

An interview with Mariano Villarreal, editor of "América Fantástica". América Fantastica offers a panoramic view of the most outstanding contemporary fantasy and science fiction in Latin America

Noticias Literatura 5-6

Announcing the finalists for the SF Horror Ripley awards and video from the TerBi conference

Noticias Literatura 8-5

Finalists for the IX TerBi contest (post apocalyptic fiction) announced; Delirio magazine index contains some very interesting entries

Noticias Literatura 24-4

Listen to a radio program featuring two editors discussing the Latino fantastica anthology Unusual.

Noticias Literatura 10-4

Announcing the release of América Fantástica and an interview with author Nahikari Diosdado.

Entrevista: Certamen Internacional de Microcuento y Poesía miNatura

An interview with Ricardo Acevedo of miNatura SF magazine

Noticias Literatura 13-3

Announcing Fantastic America, interview with Juan Manuel Sánchez-Villoldo, author of The Exiles of the Helix

Noticias Literatura 13-2

Today, an Interview with Héctor Espadas López Tello, author of "The Last City of the World"

Noticias Literatura 23-1

In Memoriam TerBi Prize awarded to Domingo Santos and an Interview with Rubén Ramírez;

An Interview with John Varley, Author of the Recently Released Irontown...

John Varley, acclaimed author of Titan, Wizard and Demon, returns with a new novel, and an interview with our art director.

Noticias Literatura 31-10

A new news bulletin - "Literatura Fantastica", the new Ripley Prize for SF and an interview with Interview with Elia Barceló, popular author

Interview with J. Scott Coatsworth, author of THE RISING TIDE (LIMINAL...

Who doesn't love a generation ship story? Veronica Scott interviews J. Scott Coatsworth upon the release of his second novel in the Liminal Sky series.

timTalk: Tonight’s Episode – Schroedinger’s Cat

Timothy the Talking Cat, Camestros Felapton's publishing partner, interviews one of the most reknowned cats of all time, Schroedinger's Cat. The results are what you might expect.

Interview with Mary Robinette Kowal, author of ‘The Fated Sky’

An interview with tthe Lady Astronaut herself - Mary Robinette Kowal

Interview with Erin Bowman, Author of ‘Contagion’

An interview with Erin Bowman, author of the space thriller Contagion


Meet Mikko Kuch, Fan. "Inspiration, when it is paired with willing hands and a fully equipped toolbox, leads to great things."

Many Worlds, One Vision: A Talk with Author Clay Gilbert

An interview with the author of The Conversationalist, Clay Gilbert.

Interview with Rob Boffard, author of Adrift

Veronic Scott interviews Rob Boffard, author of Tracer and the newly released Adrift. What would YOU do if you were adrift in a lifeboat. In space...?

Paradigm Lost: An Interview with R. Roderick Rowe

There are so many different takes on Science Fiction.

Super Heroínas Peruanas.

Short interviews with the creators and writers of Peruvian SuperHeroines La Chola Power and Girl Caffeine. (This is really cool!)

Noticias Literatura 21-3

An interview with Joseba Paulorena, author of "Muerte en blanco"

Noticias Literatura 28-2

Literatura Fantástica's review of short fiction, an interview with the editors of "Wives are made by order and other stories", "Circulo de Lovecraft". issue #7 and an audio presentation of Editorial Cerbero in Vigo

Discover Sci Fi…The Easy Way

Discover Sci-Fi! Well, about all you need to really say is "FREE BOOKS!"

Noticias Literatura 14-2

An interview with David Luna Lorenzo, on of the co-selectors of "Visiones 2017"

An Emperor’s Garden!

An interview with Award-Winning Indie SF Author, Todd Yunker, author of Shackleton's Folly

Interview: Meet Iraqi Writer Saad Hadi

An interview with Iraqi SF/F author Saad Hadi

Noticias Literatura 3-1

Windumanoth issue 2, featuring an interview with Joe Abercrombie and Supersonic #9 a special English edition