WHAT DOES THE WIND BRING? Matt Hughes knows!

Author Matthew Hughes has written a “slipstream” historical novel with fantasy elements. But much of it is true. Is it SF/F? You decide (I already think so!)

Winter 2019 SF Anime Preview

Anime never sleeps, so get ready to ring in the new year with yet another batch of new shows.


Two classic novels and the 1928 annual Best Of from Amazing Stories are now on sale!

What’s New In Fantasy Summer 2018: Historical Fantasy Books

In her debut column, Linnea takes a look at four fantasy series.

Book Review: A Secret History of Witches by Louisa Morgan

An entertaining historical fantasy told through family drama

Comic Review: The Last Hunt

Amigo Comics short series The Last Hunt includes elements from all of our favorite genres - and beyond.

‘Xaghra’s Revenge’, by Geoff Nelder

Xaghra’s Revenge is a well-written, time-travelling historical fantasy. Highly recommended!

Review: Thread of a Spider by D. L. Gardner

Thread of a Spider by D. L. Gardner is an absorbing story filled with courage and charm that smoothly combines elements of both history and fantasy.

Review: Cottingley by Alison Littlewood

Cottingley is a treat and another triumph for one of the best writers of dark fiction around, Alison Littlewood.

Improbable Interviews – Cherith Baldry

An interview with Cherith Baldry, one of the contributors to the anthology Improbable Botany.

Anime roundup 7/6/2017: A Journey of a Thousand Shows Starts With...

In this week's viewing: Kado and Rage of Bahamut finish up spring, and the first wave of summer premieres.

Review: Omon Ra by Victor Pelevin

Omon Ra by Victor Pelevin mixes historical global perception with the fictional absurdity of the military sciences dictated by a political climate that we can only hope is purely satirical.

Book Review: Zombie Gold by John L. Lansdale

Zombie Gold by John L. Lansdale welcomes a wide range of readers by combining zombies with supernatural elements, classic folklore, science fiction and a touch of American history.

Review: Greenwode, Shirewode, and Winterwode by J. Tullos Hennig

Greenwode, Shirewode, and Winterwode by J. Tullos Hennig take readers back to the medieval period, retelling the familiar tale of Robin Hood with just enough twists to give the age-old legend a fresh new perspective.

Top 10 Young Adult Books You Need To Read By Fall

Now that summer is winding down a bit, it's time to start stocking up for winter reading - or - you're TBR pile is just not tall enough!

Review: Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator by Claudia Christian and Morgan Grant Buchanan

In a future galactic empire where Rome never fell, Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator by Claudia Christian and Morgan Grant Buchanan is a refreshing new saga where the past and future collide.

Preview Review: Altered States of the Union – What America Could...

Preview of the upcoming crowdfunded anthology

Review: One Year After by William R. Forstchen

A blueprint for surviving the Dark Ages in the modern world, One Year After is William R. Forstchen’s follow-up thriller to the bestselling doomsday novel One Second After.

Review: MONO Vol. 1 by Sharp, Wolstenholme, and Cramb

Readers will be taken back as they discover a new kind of old hero in the graphic novel collection MONO Vol. 1 by Liam Sharp, Ben Wolstenholme, and Fin Cramb.

Review: Lincoln’s Wizard by Tracy Hickman & Dan Willis

Filled with airships, dragons, zombies, robots, and a wide array of other gear driven inventions, Lincoln’s Wizard is a fresh Steampunk take on the War Between the States.

Small Press Book Review: Crazy Greta by David Hardy

If John Bunyan had dropped acid while writing The Pilgrim's Progress...


After congratulating himself on his 40 years doing conventions, Steve discusses a quasi-SF-ish book about superheroes on TV in the 1950s. It's fun!

Review – Eifelheim, by Michael Flynn

Eifelheim fashions a meeting-place between two alien worldviews, medieval Christian theology and cutting edge physics, without doing disservice to either. Nominated for the Hugo Award in 1987.

2014: A Reading Odyssey – Part 2

Gary Dalkin completes his survey of the books he read in 2014

2014: A Reading Odyssey – Part 1

a short recap of my 2014 in books. Where I reviewed a book for Amazing Stories I have provided a link to that review, and in one case to a related interview. So here, in chronological order, are the first 21 books I read in 2014.


Steve gets all excited over a shared-universe anthology series. And tells you where to get FREE SF!

Indie Book Review: “Red Shadows, Green Hell” by David Hardy

Earlier this year, Hardy showed his versatility with a very different type of historical fantasy, "Red Shadows, Green Hell".

Review: Boilerplate – History’s Mechanical Marvel by Guinan and Bennett

Boilerplate - History's Mechanical Marvel by Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett is a fun, reflective look at of what would’ve, could’ve, and maybe even should’ve been if this robot existed.

The Work of a Seamstress

A talk with the costume designer for a film based on the author's work

CONNIE WILLIS o explorar el pasado para construir el futuro

A profile of Connie Willis