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Noticias Literatura 9-6

Manuel Aguilar passes; multiple presentations of The Third Thread by Juan Manuel Sánchez Villoldo; José Manuel González Rodríguez has posted the award-winning short novel The Disaster of Enfer to his blog

Noticias Literatura 2-6

A colloquium on “Robotics, ethics and literature”; The Science Fiction Gathering of Donostia – San Sebastián and Nominees for the Guillermo de Baskerville Awards

Noticias Literatura

Entrevista a Alberto Rodríguez, autor de “Cielos clausurados” Entrevista a Alberto Rodríguez, autor de “Cielos clausurados”, novela ganadora del Premio UPC de este año. II Premio de Novela Corta “El proceso” II PREMIO DE NOVELA CORTA EL PROCESO Málaga, 23 de abril de 2021: Ediciones El Transbordador, con razón social El Inventor de Mundos, […]

The Fantastic “Voyage” – 12 Years Later | Paul

Update on Steve Davidson, Dateline: Chicago, IL

Just got off of the phone with Steve and he sounds good! He had the drainage tubes removed from his chest Saturday and that went well. Today he’s going to get to go for a walk and possibly they’ll remove the foley catheter. (ouch ouch ouch) Tomorrow he expects to be downgraded from Intensive Care. […]

Noticias Literatura 12-5

Nuevo número de Windumanoth Se anuncia el lanzamiento del nuevo número de la revista Windumanoth. Este el texto que se ha difundido desde la editorial, informando de sus contenidos ¡El nuevo número de Windumanoth ya está aquí! Entrevistamos en exclusiva a Kim Stanley Robinson y Brian McClellan. Traemos a página completa el arte del gran […]

Noticias Literatura 5-5

SF Colloquium at the Navarra Book Fair, Minotauro publishes “Homine ex machina” by Carlos Sisí and a Presentation in Pamplona of “Closed Skies”, the novel winner of the 2020 UPC Science Fiction Prize.