Anime roundup 12/11/2014: Give the Gift of Anime

In lieu of this week's viewing, a filler episode of recommendations of recent short anime series.

Anime roundup 10/5/2017: Making Reservations

In this week's viewing: Three more finales, and a simple way to pick the best show of the season.

Anime roundup 8/20/2020: Think of the Children

In this week's viewing: Appare-Ranman reveals a tough dude with a soft spot for kids, Re:ZERO has a tough gal with a soft spot for kids, and more!

Anime roundup 6/20/2019: The Sins of the Fathers

In this week's viewing: Attack on Titan and Dororo grapple with the fallout of bad parenting choices, and more!

Anime roundup 7/26/2018: The End of the Tunnel

In this week's viewing: Two more premieres, returning candidates, and time to set the lineup.

Novedades de Junio en Hispanoamérica

New and current Latin American genre from magazines to film and just about everything in between

Anime roundup 1/31/2020: Stairway to Hell

In this week's viewing: Magia Record isn't the only story haunted by an evil staircase, and more!

Anime roundup 12/19/2013: It’s the End of the Plot As We...

In this week's viewing: Kyousougiga and Galilei Donna hurtle toward seemingly inevitable conclusions, and more!

Anime roundup 8/16/2018: A Level in Badass

In this week's viewing: The quiet ones in Steins;Gate and Attack on Titan have finally had it, and more!

Anime roundup 7/30/2015: Lay On!

In this week's viewing: Gatchaman Crowds is ready for an intellectual brawl, Rokka and Charlotte have their full teams assembled for some smackdown, and more!

Fall 2016 SF Anime Preview

A look at what's coming your way from the anime world in October.

Fall 2015 SF Anime Preview

If there's one trend that really has me smiling this season, it's the unusually high number of anime-original shows.

Anime roundup 1/12/2017: The Winter of Our Discontent

In this week's viewing: It's time for the first helping of 2017 premieres! Um, you may want to brace yourself.

Anime roundup 3/17/2013: Showdown time

So here's how this works: Every week, I commentate on the latest episodes of various anime series, and then we all discuss further in...

Anime roundup 6/25/2015: I’ll Be Mellow When I’m Dead

In this week's viewing: Stardust Crusaders and Mikagura School Suite go out in style... and then there's Arslan.

Anime roundup 1/31/2019: The Fun House

In this week's viewing: kemurikusa. visits a theme park, The Promised Neverland weaponizes children's games, and more!

What Were You Expecting, Baby?

A look at criticism of Space Dandy and some thoughts with relation to Cowboy Bebop.

The Pros and Cons of Comicon

It is the day before the first day of spring. As I sit in my office chair, working at my computer, the giant snow...

Anime roundup 11/22/2018: Realms Beyond

In this week's viewing: SSSS.Gridman is not in Kansas anymore, Double Decker drops new hints about how it works, and more!

Anime roundup 11/30/2017: Hero Complex

In this week's viewing: Inuyashiki and Kino's Journey get bored and decide to let smoeone else be the hero, and more!

Anime roundup 8/20/2013: And They Made a Most Agreeable Thump When...

In this week's viewing: It's that late-season moment when the plot cards are all on the table and fisticuffs break out in all directions!

Anime Roundup 7/3/2014: Out With a Bang

In this week's viewing: Epic fireworks are ahead with the conclusion of Brynhildr and a look back at Hunter x Hunter's Chimera Ant arc.

London Expo: October, 2013

London Expo October, 2013

Anime roundup 11/1/2013: Just When You Thought It Was Safe to...

In this week's viewing: An unexpected additional premiere made by Lewis Carroll fans, big news about a show coming up next season, and more!

Anime roundup 10/17/2019: The Dark Side

In this week's viewing: The last few premieres turn grim, and most of the season lineup is set.

Anime Roundup 8/29/2014: Friends With Disadvantages

In this week's viewing: Sphinx is going to be sorry about making a friend on Terror in Resonance, Polnareff is very sorry about thinking of his loved ones in JoJo, and more!

Anime roundup 5/21/2015: Nasty, Brutish, and Short

In this week's viewing: Things turn seriously dark, but first, some news.

Anime roundup 4/16/2015: The Comfort Zone

In this week's viewing: The rest of premiere week has Mikagura School Suite showing everyone else up in a field decidedly lacking in ambition.


Tanya rounds up October for us

Anime roundup 5/2/2019: A New Day

In this week's viewing: The heavyweight of the season finally turns up, Demon Slayer provides a conveniently timed excuse to discuss calendars, and more!