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Are solar-powered airships the future of cargo delivery?

Are airships the future of cargo delivery

Far Apart, Close By: Homesick by Nino Cipri

The original novella, “Before We Disperse Like Star Stuff,” delves into questions of archeology, preservation, respect for the land and for remains, and cultural appropriation versus education versus access.

Astrophysicists: gamma-ray jets exceed the speed of light

!!!gamma-ray bursts may exceed the speed of light. The superluminal jets may also be responsible for time-reversibility!!!

HPlus: Digital Series Ep. 1

Brain implants. What could possibly go wrong

“Orbit” Teaser | Premiering October 24th Exclusively on DUST

The Tell Tale Heart goes to space!

Spooktober Sci-Fi Films | Sunday Night DUST

Not watching Watchmen or TWD? Try binging on Dust

The Goddesses Are the Future: The Never Tilting World by Rin Chupeco

“A demoness is what men call a goddess they cannot control.”

The One Career Goal I Crave To Achieve

Unrequited love can be expressed in so many different ways....

Orionids Tonight

The Orionids are coming

Les articles populaires de septembre

September's most popular posts, with headlines translated into French!

Listen to the Sounds of Mars

Mars is calliing....

R. Graeme Cameron – Club House Columnist – Inducted into Canadian SF Hall of...

One of our regular columnists was just inducted into the CSFFA' s Hall of Fane


Our most popular from the past week


Fans doing bad things in the news; Poetry Awards, Classics at Loscon, World Fantasy schedule, Sidewise, Booker and a NEW! Trigger Snowflake Adventure!

AMAZING NEWS: 10-20-2019

Apollo pool party, political ads and social networking, an The Orville Shooting model, Zombieland & Ghostbusters, new Catwoman, Red Dwarf film, more

Heartbeats align during an Islamic ritual, new study finds

If group prayer, or walking barefoot over scalding coals, isn't really your thing, similar states can be achieved simply by snuggling with a pet you love

Meet “Butch” the Pterosaur

Meet Butch, the "Iron Dragon" Pterosaur from Australia

A Jolt of Power: Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

Ninth House is a story about power—who has it and who wants it.

SPACE: The Gassy Highway That Connects Everything

First ever images of cosmic filaments

Near-infinite specific thrust from drive that ignores physics | Ars Technica

A clever idea doesn't pass muster - but offers good opportunities for hand-waving in a story

Adding Complexity to Pulp: The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl by Theodora Goss

The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl is the latest of Theodora Goss' 19th-century-pulp-inspired volumes

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Backli’s Ford, an A’lle Chronicles Mystery by Marcelle Dubé

a science fiction mystery novel taking place in a small town in Lower Canada in 1911


After a delay, Steve finally finishes his review of Volume 1 of Anthony Boucher’s Treasury of Great Science Fiction from 1959. Surprisingly, most of these 60-plus-year-old stories still hold up!

NASA unveiled a new spacesuit that’s flexible enough for dancing

NASA is “committed” to landing the first woman and the “next man” on the moon by 2024 as part of the Artemis program (next stop Mars!).  And as part of that program, unveile… Source: NASA...

My Gift Was Memory: On Ta-Nehisi Coates’s The Water Dancer

With The Water Dancer, Coates’s first full-length novel, a story about slavery and a superpower, we pay witness to a writer unchained.

Obsidian Rim Authors Talk Shared Universes, Scrapnappers & More

Interviews with the authors of novels in a shared universe Science Fiction Romance series

In Today’s Robot News…

For some reason, the marching Spots is reminiscent of the marching mops from Disney's Fantasia
La luz en el cerro

La Luz en el Cerro. Premiada Película Peruana Gratis en Retina Latina

A Peruvian horror film is recommended