The Club House 1/17/14

In one pitch baseball, as in life, it pays to keep swinging. Advice for life and fanzine reviews in one nifty package!

The Club House 1/10/2014

It’s awards season once again and Earl Terry Kemp profiles some works that are eligible for various Hugo Award categories.

The Club House 12/6/13

Like godfather like godson: Terry Kemp emulates his mentor Rog Phillips and promotes his book – and reviews a number of fanzines along the way.


Science Fiction Clubs – many still going strong since 1935! The SF genre has the hardest working (and original) fans in the biz!

The Club House

Our weekly roundup of fanzine reviews mixed with just a tad of political commentary

The Club House 11/08/13

Put on your Propeller Beanies (and give them a good spin) and put down your Zap-Zap Ray Guns! The Word for today is BYZANTINE.

The Club House October 25, 2013

According to both Sam Moskowitz and another fan historian, whom I did know, Jack Speer, the beginnings of fandom were consumed with feuds, bickering, hoaxes, all out wars, and lots of other fun stuff.

And it was fun for most of those that participated.

The Club House October 18

Of note is the upcoming Corflu, the annual convention for fanzine fans, which next year will be held in Richmond, Virginia, May 2nd to 4th 2014.

The Club House

Earl Terry Kemp revives an old Amazing Stories and fannish tradition, The Club House. Fannish news from across the fan-o-sphere!