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Spoken Worlds

Announcing a new Spoken Word Youtube channel for science fiction and fantasy.

Science Fiction Theatre in the UK Fringe, 2015

With titles like "What Would Spock Do?" and "Cuckoos and Chrysalides", science fiction is taking over the stage at numerous fringe fests.

Stage the Future 2 – Some General Thoughts

Our resident playwright offers a glimpse into the annual Stage the Future conference.

It’s Not Always About Change…

SF is all about change. Maybe we need to look at that a bit more closely.

This Is What Science Fiction Theatre Looks Like: A Trifling Matter...

Take a peek at what a science fiction play looks like with the script for Susan Gray's A Trifling Matter

Science Fiction Theatre – Working With the Grain

If we're to think of Science Fiction as a metaphorical mode, then SF Theatre might be thought of as a metaphor of a metaphor, which leads to mass confusion and discomfort - a strange sort of metaphor-inception.

Let’s Stage the Future Again!

Since the conference Stage the Future, there’s been a great burst of Science Fiction theatre to hit international radars. LA put on their SciFest...

Review of 1984 – Theatre

A new take on an old Classic, this presentation of 1984 is double-plus good!

The Future Is Being Staged – Updates and Food For Thought

Following an international conference, a new production company is born.

Review of The Uncanny Valley by Superbolt Theatre

A review of the play The Uncanny Valley, in which a lonely human forms an attachment to a robot named Pheobe

The Play’s the Thing – the Importance of SF Staging

Susan relates some news about her play Terra Firma and discusses theaters' place between literature and film.

The Chicken or the Egg? The Hugo Awards of Dramatic Presentation

After such little theatrical representation in the Hugo Award for Dramatic Representation, should there be a separate award for SF Theatre?

My New Year’s Writing Resolutions and Tips

Susan makes some resolutions about writing in the new year that are also good tips for the rest of us.

On Writing SF Theatre Part 2: Minding the Info Dump

Susan Gray explores the mix of worldbuilding and dramaturgey - the art of bringing science fiction concepts to the live stage.

Why I write SF Theatre

There’s something beautiful about the live nature of theatre, that makes you feel that you’ve trespassed or that you’ve been invited

Theatre Review: Override by Stacey Gregg

Review of Override by Stacey Gregg performed at the Watford Palace Theatre.

Science on Stage vs. Science Fiction Theatre

It’s no secret that popular science has exploded when we see the amount of paperbacks, TV series and documentaries on the subject, and theatre...

On Writing Science Fiction Theatre – part one

SF theatre can draw upon the symbolic imagery that Theatre can house - a relatively small transformative space where a spear can become the symbol of an army, a chair that becomes someone's lover or family member