Noticias Literatura 10-3

The winners of the first Elia Barceló International Prize for Illustrated Fantasy and Science Fiction announced, Winner of the V contest “Histories Pulp” announced, “Pulp Stories Magazine # 5: The Exorcist” content announced.

Noticias Literatura 3-3

Visions 2021 opens for submissions, an anthology of unpublished fantastic stories published by the association “Pórtico” AEFCFT (Spanish Association of Fantasy Science-Fiction and Terror).

Noticias Literatura 10-2

Video of the January collegium of Central American SF authos; the radio program The Basement and a look at John Christopher’s The Death of Grass

Noticias Literatura 27-1

Announcing the 1st Elia Barceló Award finalists; the bilingual magazine Constelación now available and a directory of spanish-language publishers of genre.

Noticias Literatura 24-12

Barcelona announces an SF/F festival; Tales for Algernon anthology, year 8; issue 2 of Primero Sueño; 20 from 2020 from Fantastic Literature.

Noticias Literatura 9-12

Celsius 232 F/SF/H Festival will work with the British Science Fiction Association to bring Spanish SF to a wider audience

Noticias Literatura 25-11

Video of the talk on Domingo Santos, with Paco Arellano and Alberto Avila; Annual Programming Contest of “Programamos” will be dedicated to “Asimov and science fiction”; contest details inside.

Noticias Literatura 11-11

Domingo Santos Award Finalists, schedule for the award ceremony for the Interac SF Script contest and an article on the first Spanish science fiction magazine

Noticias Literatura 12-9

A review of Windumanoth #10 featuring an interview with Richard Morgan and Tim Pratt and the art of Breogán Álvarez.