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Psychological Pitfalls in “The Great Divorce”

In C.S. Lewis's The Great Divorce, the protagonist's spiritual journey is also a crash course in human psychology.

March’s Writing Prompt: A Week at the Conference Table

This month's writing prompt involves strange goings on with seven people seated around a table...

December’s Writing Prompt: Alone in the World

What if you were the only person who was not a member of the culture where you lived?

November’s Writing Prompt: Rat Cage Housing

For September's writing prompt, go here. October did not have a writing prompt. Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Rat Cage Housing Image: Alternative Design Manufacturing and...

September’s Writing Prompt: The Best Terrain

August's writing prompt is here. The Best Terrain Image: Edmundo Roa A genie approaches you with an offer he's forcing you to take. The offer is this:...

August’s Writing Prompt: Tongue Twister

Can you imagine what would happen if the citizens of two countries all woke up only able to speak the language of the other country? If so, write a story about it...

July’s Writing Prompt: Two Worlds

Looking for a subject to write a short story about? Matthew Gordon suggests that you think about two worlds...

June’s Writing Prompt: Going Down

Take a visit to Downland

A Coordination Game in “The Isolinguals”

Classic SF and Contemporary Popular Culture collide

May’s Writing Prompt: Locked In

You can check out any time you'd like, but you don't want to leave (apology to The Eagles)

Introduction / Multiple Intelligences in “The Little Black Bag”

Matthew Gordon's inaugural post; taking a look at some classics in a disciplined way