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Near-infinite specific thrust from drive that ignores physics | Ars Technica

A clever idea doesn't pass muster - but offers good opportunities for hand-waving in a story

NASA unveiled a new spacesuit that’s flexible enough for dancing

NASA is “committed” to landing the first woman and the “next man” on the moon by 2024 as part of the Artemis program (next...

We Want Science Fiction!

Amazing Stories wants Science Fiction. But what 'is' Science Fiction?

The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of October 2019

B&N's buyer shares his picks for October

Scientists Are Starting to Take Warp Drives Seriously, Especially One Specific...

A theoretical paper has now become cause for serious study after observations of gravity waves provides proof that it may be possible to travel faster than light

Finding Science Fiction and Fantasy for Female Readers

Something enormous has happened in the past forty years: girls are finally reading stories about dragons and space travel. Source: Finding Science Fiction and Fantasy...

Astronomers Just Spotted One of the Biggest Black Holes Ever

Supermassive? Try ULTRAmassive for this black hole that's at least 40 Billion times the mass of our sun

Super-Earth at a nearby star is a Mercury-like hunk of rock

This super-Earth was just far onto the too hot side of the Goldilocks zone, supporting the theory that close orbiters can have their atmospheres blown off by their suns

Neutron Stars Smash Together, Forging Gold in an Explosive Kilonova

What happens when two neutron stars collide? They make Gold!

Nearby Star System Looks to Be Ideal “Lab” for Exoplanet Studies

A new set of exoplanets just 73 light years away could help us refine our search for habitable worlds

Storms on Jupiter Throw up Ammonia From Deep Inside Its Atmosphere

New techniques are allowing astronomers to look deeper into Jupiter's atmosphere than ever before

Space hotel with artificial gravity will be in orbit by 2025

Start saving now, it's going to be one hell of an expensive vacation

How The Immortal Hydra Regenerates Itself

As long as hydra stay near microscopic, it's all good.

Scientists Build Fascinating Robotic Tail Made Just For Humans

Humans need never be jealous of spider monkeys ever again

Plasma thrusters for small satellite systems hit hyper drive

An aerospace company has developed a very Star Trek-sounding technology that may prove to be a crucial component of an emerging New Space industry

Hypersane People Are Among Us, We Just Need to Have A...

“Madness” is “a voyage of discovery that could open out onto a free state of higher consciousness, or hypersanity." Well, it's a theory anyway....

Material That Replicates Human Bone Tissue Developed By Oregon Researchers

Artificial bone...whatever happened to that tech that used sterilized coral?

Lunar Habitat Concept Can Provide Shelter for Space Researchers

This one isn't inflatable, but it is expandable.

A New Type of AI Has Been Created Inspired by the...

A new theory reexamines the capabilities of neurobiology in developing AI learning

Robots Could Build Martian Settlements by Imitating Humans on Earth

OK: we've got robots going to work on Mars; we've got inflatable habitats for space and for Mars. When is someone going to introduce inflatable Mars robots?

Reactor turns carbon dioxide to pure liquid fuel

A new process uses emissions-less electricity to turn carbon dioxide into Formic acid, which can be used in fuel cells

An Underwater Research Station Has Vanished Without a Trace

Ever since the 60s we've known what was responsible. Godzilla. But do they listen? No, never, or at least not until AFTER Tokyo and Los Angeles get stomped - again!

Scientists Just Found a Dead Star Lodged Inside Another Star

Wow. And they've been telling us for ages that space is nearly empty

A Photographer Filmed the Moment a Meteor Exploded onto Jupiter

A cosmic (well, interplanetary anyway) right place at the right time

Hipster Asteroids Spilled Tardigrades on the Moon Before It Was Cool

Will the locals have problems with the new Tardigrades moving in?

Harvard Researchers Create Artificial Eye That Solves Common Vision Problems

Contact lenses with autofocus and zoom capabilities!

Sierra Nevada Reveals Inflatable Prototype Module for Orbital Moon Station

When Heinlein wrote "Blowups Happen", we don't think he was referencing inflatable space habitats

This Is the Most Brutal Supernova in Recorded History

Learn all about the 'other' Big Bang