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New Study Reveals Dark Matter May Have Predated the Big Bang

Older than the origin of the universe!?! That sure changes things.

The Sun Shakes the Solar System With Interplanetary Shocks

THAT explains why the actors on the bridge of the Enterprise were rocking back and forth

Planet’s dusty disk mirrors origins of Jupiter’s moons

An exoplanet may mirror Jupiter's moon formation

Princeton Unveils Plasma-Powered Satellite

Power for cubesats!

Scientists Find Something Strange About A Pair of Dwarf Stars Orbiting...

This is not a Goldilocks situation: one star is too cold, the other too hot and nothing about them is 'just right'.

NASA Funds Demo to 3D-Print Spacecraft Parts in Low-Earth Orbit

Cool. Imagine what else will be floating around in orbit eventually!

Making Mars Habitable: A Localized Alternative to Terraforming

You know, by the time we actually get around to terraforming Mars, the methodology will not be ANY of the ways already proposed

What Might a Moon Base of the 21st Century Be Like?

Plans include a comfy SUV-like rover.

Superconducting Neurons Could Mimic Power Efficiency of the Brain

Man, our robot overlords just keep on getting smarter and smarter

Listen to a Physicist Explain Gravitational Waves (in a Way You’ll...

Well, if Stephen Colbert can understand this explanation, I think the rest of us can handle it too

Vortex Around A Black Hole Spins at 70% the Speed of...

Wow. Too bad spaceships can't slingshot off of that vortex

Space junk: We could have a recycling station in space by...

But don't we have enough problems right here on Earth? :)

This Video Explains Albert Einstein’s Biggest Blunder

Einstein's Cosmological Constant...and here I thought his biggest mistake was not combing his hair

Hubble Finds ‘Electric Soccer Balls’ in Space

This will be having astronomers yelling "GOAL!" instead of "Eureka!"

Astronomers Want to Use Bacteria to Mine Space Rocks

First tardigrades, now this. Seems like we're intent on infecting the galaxy.

Carbon and Its Alternatives: A Look Into Different Possible Lifeforms

Could life be anything other than carbon-based?

The Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole Just Did Something Wild

The Puppeteers have been trying to keep this a secret, like, forever!

Difference between Asteroids and Meteorites

Asteroid, meteor, plantesimal, meteorite - why do space rocks have so many different names?

NASA seeks to break the “tyranny of launch” with in-space manufacturing

Does this herald the beginning of von Neuman machines?

Satellite Spots “First Nearby Super-Earth” That Could Harbor Life

Astronomers expect to be able to tease out signs of life (if any) when new telescopes come on line soon. It's only 31 light years away!

NASA Reveals Glimpse of New SpaceX Astronaut Suits

Spacex now has their own spaceXsuits. (Will everything in space have an 'X' associated with it in our future?)

Something Peculiar Is Happening On Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

It's shrinking! Photos of monoliths at 11

Alternative theory of gravity makes a nearly testable prediction

In light of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, physicists are questioning the standard model of gravitation

Cosmic Dust Feeds Star Formation in This Week’s Hubble Image |...

71 Million light years away, stars are forming from cosmic dust

The Emerging Industry of 3D Printed Organs Will Become a Billion...

Gentlemen, we can 3D print him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first 3D printed man

NASA Really, Really Needs a New Spacesuit for 2024 Moon Mission

NASA has a mandate to return to the Moon by 2024. They still need a lander and a spacesuit