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Guest Post: The Mythological Moorings of Alchemy of Glass By Barbara...

Since you can't go to the readings and signings, Amazing Stories brings them to you! Learn about the world-building and historical background for Barbara Barnett's Apothecary series!

Review of the HD Re-Release of FROM THE EARTH TO THE...

HBO drops the ball on the BluRay release of From Earth to the Moon, the award-winning documentary series. This review includes a word from one of the original effects artists.

Announcing the ISFIC Writer’s Contest

Tracy Townsend, writer's contest coordinator, wants you to enter this long-running writing contest!

Guest Post: The 19th Annual Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention

Doug Ellis fills us in on the fantastic offerings this year's Windy City Pulp & Paper convention.

timTalk: Tonight’s Episode – Schroedinger’s Cat

Timothy the Talking Cat, Camestros Felapton's publishing partner, interviews one of the most reknowned cats of all time, Schroedinger's Cat. The results are what you might expect.

I Went to Another World and Bought This T-Shirt by Alberto...

An English translation of Alberto Chimal's post Worldcon/Mexicanx Initiative post.

Zombies Need Brains…and You! Kickstarter Campaign

The SFWA qualifying small press Zombies Need Brains launches a Kickstarter. If you have any of your own (brains, that is) you'll want to support this effort.

Excerpt from The Whispering Skull by Ed Greenwood

Wolf attacks...strange voices in the night...odd things are happening in this excerpt from Ed Greenwood's new novel, The Whispering Skull.

Guest Editorial: Words Matter, Actions Matter and Race Definitely Matters...

“Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. When I finished reading Christopher Nuttal’s editorial, “A Character Who Happens To Be Black” for the first time, I found myself remembering an oft told story about Nichelle Nichols, the actress who played Lt. Uhura on Star Trek.

Guest Editorial: Humanity’s’ R&D Department – Science Fiction by David Gerrold

This is the primary function of science fiction — to be the Research and Development Division of the Human Species. This literature is the laboratory in which we consider the universe and our place in it. It is the place where we ask, “Who are we and what is our purpose here? What does it mean to be a human being?” No other genre is as ambitious, no other genre considers as many powerful and disturbing questions. All the other branches of literature are about the past, they’re about how we got here, as if here is a static place. Only science fiction is about the future. Only science fiction is about change.

RAISING DAVE by Jack Strange

I woke up a third time because I sensed I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t. Raising Dave continues.

Raising Dave by Jack Strange

The first chapter in Jack Strange's latest - Raising Dave

Blogger Invitado. Cristián Londoño Proaño: Tal vez los dioses si existen.

What would happen if we discovered another universe inhabited by gods. Would we even be able to comprehend them? Jorge Alberto Collao poses these and other questions in his latest novel.

Guest Post by Foz Meadows: Unempathic Bipeds of Failure: The Relationship...

Owing to recent political developments, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about politics in SFF, not just as a general concept, but in relation to my own history with the genre.

I Dreamed of a Science Fiction Future Bright and Shiny

A guest post on the wonder of living in a science fiction world.

Abandon All Hope – Why We’d Be Screwed if Aliens Invaded

Weston Ochse has a bit to say in this guest post about alien invasions: short version: We're toast!

A Parable of Worldcon

Not sure how Worldcon runs things? This parable ought to help.

An Interview with Author Anton Marks

This interview with Anton Marks is a cross-posting from Journey Planet, conducted by James Bacon. (April 1, 2015) and kindly brought to our attention by...

Diversity in Fantasy by K. Ceres Wright

K. Ceres Wright expands on her participation on a panel on diversity at World Fantasy Con

On Writing Horror: Short Stories vs. Novels by Dale Bailey

Dale Bailey's novels and short story collection are now available at Open Road Media.

The Secrets Behind Wingman’s Battle Scenes

"Where do you get your ideas from?" Mack Maloney, author of the Wingman series, answers the perennial question.

The Islamic Moonbase Conspiracy by Tom Easton

Arthur C. Clarke's star may not have been the only Middle Eastern astronomical observation that's been misinterpreted.

Excerpt: WHO WACKED ROGER RABBIT by Gary K. Wolf

An excerpt from Gary K. Wolf's third Roger Rabbit novel. This time with Gary Cooper, not to mention our favorite slobbering rabbit and his too good to be a toon wife, Jessica.

Khristo Poshtakov – Bulgaria’s Science Fiction Ambassador

An introduction to Bulgaria's leading light - Khristo Poshtakov

The Long Road to Digital Illustration: Profile of Duncan Long

A profile of Amazing Stories' go-to artist - Duncan Long.


Guest Post by Eric Del Carlo In 2005, the year of Hurricane Katrina, we broke the alphabet. Storms which brew up in the Atlantic and grind...