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Gore 101 with Make up Artist Jamie Scott

Since zombies seem to be the thing these days, here's an Amazing Gore 101 Primer

Film-Com Hooks SF Indies into Industry

Dianne Gardner breaks into film at Film-Con

Words and Pictures, an Age Old Interchange

On the inspiration that art brings to our fantasies.

Mapping Out a Fantasy World

Map making has also become one of the most beautiful additions to fantasy literature.

Review: The Power of the Maleficent

Maleficent is an entertaining movie for both children and those who grow up with a special fondness for Sleeping Beauty, fantasy and folklore.

Hoist Sails to Winds of Adventure.

Dianne gets to be a pirate. (We all want to be one too....)

Indie Dragons Still Spouting Fire!

Dragons were given their title sometime around the13th century, their name coming from the Greek word δράκων, (drakon) meaning "giant seafish". Legends in both...

Filming a Fantasy Movie! An Interview With Bruce Hopkins

An interview with New Zealand actor Bruce Hopkins, portrayer of Gamling of Rohan

Official Federation of Magical Creatures (BAfMW)

German things sound so Teutonic! Like this organization in Germany, Bundesamt für magische Wesen. Can't you just hear the Wagner?

EXCERPT: Altered by Dianne Lynn Gardner

An excerpt from Dianne Lynn Gardner's YA tale of a dystopian future in which everyone may be a GMO experiment.

A Glimpse into Space

Dianne Lynne Gardner interviews her family rocket scientist, Moses Milazzo, about his job and the influences of science fiction.

From Tribute to Mount Doom, A Lesson in Survival Skills.

Dianne Lynn Gardner joins us today with her first post examining the use of character in world building.