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Sound + Vision, Words + Pictures

For some artists, music spurs their creativity...

Recovering the creative mind…

What does a writer do after a concussion makes it hard for them to access their creativity? Wait for the deluge...

Creative Space III, the finale

An artist describes the space required for her various media projects.

Creative Space Part II

Finding the right space to create is not as easy as it might sound. Especially if you've got a "Rudie".

Bonus Post: Rant! Pay for Art!

(Translated for Writers by H.E.: "Pay the Writer!")

Creative Space

Art takes up a lot of space in my life.

Do Not Disturb! Creativity in Progress

You people! Can't you see that there is an artist at work!?!

29 Days of Creativity

Angi embarks on a "creative holiday".

Self-Publishing? Don’t Phone It In!

The mechanics of book publishing are (almost) as important as the story.

All the good things.

Angi puts a different spin on Thanksgiving thanks.

As if there aren’t enough hurdles to productive creativity…

Change. Sometimes you can't even paint your way through it.

Getting the Artwork You Want for Your Book Cover

"It's exactly what I asked for, but it's not what I want!" Conveying artistic desires is not an easy task for anyone concerned!

Rituals and Habituals: Setting the Mood for Creativity.

Set the controls for the heart of creativity!

All About the Confidence

That idea chose you. It chose you for a reason.

Creativity in the Face of Disruptions in the Time-Space Continuum

How do you handle life interrupting your creativity?

“Ford Prefect hit the ground running…” Don’t Panic Over Creative Block!

Looking at the back of your own shoulder is a creative way to get past creative blocks....

The Creative Thrive #002: Creativity – Why Do We Do These...

Some view the creative life as an ALL-IN situation, and I don’t know why.

Welcome to the Creative Thrive!

Angi Shearstone, creator of BloodDreams comics, discusses the creative process in her debut post.