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Alma Alexander (org)
Alma Alexander (com)
FJ Bergmann
Ricardo Acevedo Esplugas (blog)
Ricardo Acevedo Esplugas (blog)
B. Morris Allen (blog)
B. Morris Allen (website)
Karen G. Anderson (Business Maven)
Karen G. Anderson (Writer Way)
Tom Auxier
Tom Auxier (blog)
Derek Benson (website)
Stephen P. Bianchini
Hannu Blommila (twitter)
Michelle Bradbury (blog)
Mike Brotherton
Rick L. Brown
Michael A. Burstein
R. Graeme Cameron (website)
M. C. Carper (blog)
M. C. Carper (blog)
M. C. Carper (blog)
M. C. Carper (gallery)
Luis Cermeno
M. Christian (website)
M. Christian (blog)
M. Christian (blog)
M. Christian (blog)
M. Christian (blog)
M. Christian (blog)
M. Christian (website)
M. Christian (website)
Zachary Clemente (Art)
Zachary Clemente (Tumblr)
Catharine Coker
Pierre Comtois
Paul Cook
Sam Costello
Gary Dalkin
John Dodds (blog)
Jack Dowden
Douglas Draa (blog)
John Ellidwek (blog)
Steve Fahnestalk
Jane Frank
Fran Friel
Fran Friel (blog)
Adam Gaffen
Chris Garcia
Dianne Lynn Gardner (website)
Dianne Lynn Gardner (blog)
Chris Gerwel
Susan Gray (website)
Susan Gray (blog)
Kristina Grifantini
Nathan Hall (blog)
Tommy Hancock
Linnea Hartsuyker (website)
Linnea Hartsuyker (twitter)
Samantha Henry
Jack Hillman (website)
Mark Iles (website)
Mark Iles (blog)
MD Jackson (blog)
MD Jackson (gallery)
MD Jackson (gallery)
Monique Jacob
Geoffrey James
Patty Jansen (website)
Patty Jansen (blog)
Michaele Jordan (blog)
Beth Kelly (twitter)
Alex Kane
David Kilman
Zack Kushner (blog)
Zack Kushner (website)
Hunter Liguore
Earnest Lilley (website)
Bob Lock
Duncan Long
Steven M. Long (blog)
Steven M. Long (website)
Nicole Lyka (blog)
Nicole Lyka (website)
Sam MacDonald (blog)
Jules-Pierre Malartre (twitter)
Jules-Pierre Malartre (Facebook)
Ricardo Manzanaro Arana (blog)
Ricardo Manzanaro Arana (blog)
C E Martin
David Perez Marulanda (blog)
Travis Mataya
Sean McPharlin (blog)
Jeremy McHugh (website)
Jorge Valentín Miño Pazmiño (blog)
Petrea Mitchell
Matt Mitrovich (blog)
Aidan Moher
Nina Munteanu (website)
Nina Munteanu (blog)
Kevin Murray
Ira Nayman (website)
Ira Nayman (blog)
Ken Neth
Astrid Nielsch (website)
Astrid Nielsch (gallery)
Christopher Nuttall (website)
Christopher Nuttall (blog)
Kyle Owenby (blog)
Kyle Owenby (facebook)
James Palmer
Duane Pesice (website)
Laura Ponce (blog)
Laura Ponce (blog)
Laura Ponce (Facebook)
Ivan Prado Sejas (blog)
Ivan Prado Sejas (blog)
Ivan Prado Sejas (blog)
Ivan Prado Sejas (blog)
Ivan Prado Sejas (website)
John Purcell
James Rogers (blog)
James Rogers (podcast)
Cedar Sanderson
Morgana Santilli
Alastair Savage
Felicity Savage
Veronica Scott (blog)
Diane Severson (blog)
Diane Severson (website)
Angi Shearstone (website)
Angi Shearstone (website)
Angi Shearstone (website)
Angi Shearstone (website)
Angi Shearstone (website)
Carol Shetler (social)
J Simpson
Darren Slade (blog)
Douglas Smith (website)
Douglas Smith (blog)
Douglas Smith (store)
Duane Spurlock (blog)
Duane Spurlock (blog)
Duane Spurlock (blog)
Joshua Starnes (website)
Star Trek Anthology (website)
Michael J Sullivan
Susana Sussman (blog)
G W Thomas
TorsoBoy (website)
TorsoBoy (blog)
Tanya Tynjala (website)
Tanya Tynjala (blog)
Rabid Fan Boy (website)
Kimberly Unger (website)
Kimberly Unger (Facebook)
Kimberly Unger (Instagram)
Kimberly Unger (Twitter)
Geoff Wakeling
Cynthia Ward
Taral Wayne (website)
Taral Wayne (fur affinity)
Taral Wayne (gallery)
James Weber (blog)
Michael Webb
Keith West (blog)
Keith West (blog)
Andrew P. Weston (website)
Andrew P. Weston (blog)
John M Whalen
Erin Wilcox
Woodall Design
K. Ceres Wright
Leah Zeldes (website)
Leah Zeldes (blog)
Andrew Zimmerman Jones


Publishers & Publications

Our authors are a diverse bunch and many wear many hats.  The links below are for publishers and publications owned, managed, edited and/or contributed to by our many authors, artists and editors.

Apex Book Company (Burstein)
ASNI Newsletter (Nielsch)
ASNI Web Design (Nielsch)
Black Gate Magazine (Zimmerman Jones)
Broken Sea Audio Productions (Hancock)
Can-Con (McGovern)
Clean Technica (Hill)
Con News (Mitchell)
Cosmocapsula (Perez Marulanda)
Darwin’s Paradox (Munteanu)
Drink Tank (Garcia)
The Echelon Press (Mitrovich)
Fantastic Books (Kimmel)
Fantasy Book Review (Hill)
A Hopeful Sign (Munteanu)
IPhone Basics (Anderson)
IPhone 4 Tips (Anderson)
Jakes Monthly (Mitrovich)
Los Forjadores (Sussmann
Milinviernos (Cermeno)
Christopher Nuttall (Author Page)
Planet Save (Hill)
Poetry Planet (Starship Sofa) (Severson)
Prior (Purcell)
Pro Se Press (Hancock)
Proxima (Ponce)
Sci Fi Portal EU (Munteanu)
SF Poetry (Bergmann, Severson)
SF Site (Silver)
Social Business Maven (Anderson)
Split Lip Comics (Costello)
Starship Sofa (Severson)
String Theory (Zimmerman Jones)
Toulouse Le Trek (Munteanu)
The Were Traveler (Mitrovich)
Underword Press (Underwood)
The Way the Future Blogs (Zeldes)


Recommended Sites

The following list contains sites of many different kinds. All of them provide insight, information and entertainment and are friends and/or acquaintances of Amazing Stories.

SF Signal
File 770
Clarkesworld Magazine
LightSpeed Magazine
International Speculative Fiction Database
The Science Fiction Encyclopedia
Galactic Central
Boing Boing
The Way the Future Blogs