Sci-Fi Animated Short Films | Sunday Night DUST

Binge on theses Dust shorts!

1 Hour of Animated Sci-Fi short films from DUST. See the list of films below:

“The Shepherd” by Lasse Rützou Bruntse & John Muller
Logline: When a mysterious creature crash lands in the mountains, a local girl finds a reclusive shepherd and his flock of sheep to be more than meets the eye.
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“The Terrible Thing of Alpha 9!” by Jake Armstrong
Logline: A space bounty hunter travels to a lonely planet to kill a terrible monster.
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“Urbance” by Joel dos Reis Viegas & Sebastien Larroude
Logline: A dystopian world where a disease has caused sex to be fatal.
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“Black” (“黒”) by Tomek Popakul
Logline: A pair of astronauts are trapped on orbital space station because of nuclear war on the earth below.
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“Planet Unknown” by Shawn Wang
Logline: Facing global resource depletion, mankind sends out Space Rovers to find potentially inhabitable planets.
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“The Tale of Mr. Revus” by Marius Herzog
Logline: Mr.Rêvus prepares the dreams of mankind. In his nightly routine one momentous mistake happens which is the dawn of a big adventure.
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“Freight” by Sava Zivkovic
Logline: A story of emotional weight one carries within, and the hardships when striving to rid oneself of it.
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