Harlan Ellison Memorial Tribute from Worldcon76: FanHistory Project


Fanac: the Fan History project has been working for some time under the tutelage of Edie Stern to provide video coverage utilizing an audio recording of the event that took place at the 2018 Worldcon76 in SAan Jose, California.  The video is now available and can be viewed below.

Your humble publisher had the honor and pleasure of working with and talking to Harlan on a number of occasions and he will be and is still sorely missed.

The video features both discussion by panelists, moderated by Tom Whitmore, joined by Robert Silverberg, David Gerrold, Chris Barkely, Christine Valada and Nat Segaloff, as well as extended audience participation.

Thanks Edie and Fanac for helping to make this tribute available to a wider audience.

And don’t forget to visit Fanac: The Fan History Project video histories on Youtube.



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