AMAZING NEWS: 8/4/19 – I can’t believe it’s August already edition

AO3, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Trump disses Edgar Allen Poe, new spacesuit for lunar missions, Dune and Starship Troopers reboots, so much more!


It may come as a shock, but not all Abrahamic religions have an issue with abortion

US Citizens are Being Deported

Life.  On Mars.  (Actually, photos of Mars after life)

Researcher Trying to Stop Killer Robots

Nixon and Reagan – The Bigot Tapes

The Church founded to justify slavery has a problem condemning White Supremacy

All in the Family’s Progressive LGBTQ Character Falls to a Stereotypical Fate

It was bad enough when Trump attacked disabled, and hispanics, and blacks and women, but enough is enough:  Trump attacks EA Poe


GOP Convention Logo Invokes Cthulhu

What Mad Universe podcast explores vintage Science Fiction

A ‘different’ take on Gilbert and Sullivan

Mark Hamill Screentest for Star Wars (though it was probably still “The Star Wars” at that time)

Get Your V’Ger On!  Star Trek The Motion Picture gets screenings

Shatner looking to get called up for Tarantino Trek

Tie-Fighter Grill, Perfect for cooking up Wookie Burgers

Readers will get this

The Discovery of a previously unknown photo of RAH, and Ginnie!

A History of the Music of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Ansible for August

Dune Reboot

If you’re old but not feeling it, this cartoon will help

Best Cosplay

Cool Fantasy Busts

Art from The State of Black Science Fiction

2001 Filmmaking Museum Exhibit


AO3 Has been campaigning for a Hugo for Years (and their membership continues to falsely claim Hugo Finalist status) (See below for roundup)

Jack Clemons will speak at the Lewes Public Library (NASA – Apollo & Shuttle programs)

TAFF Fund Free Ebooks!

New Releases from TOR

Revising the History of Women in SF

MultiverseCon:  Which of the “yous” that are going are you?

An archived interview with Ray Bradbury

Following accusations deGrasse Tyson retains his post

Damon Knight Talks About Hugo Gernsback and Amazing Stories

Verhoeven is NOT happy that they’re doing a remake of Starship Troopers  (well, maybe if he’s read the book first…)

Carrie Fisher continues to be an advocate for mental health

Moshe Feder, TOR Editor, to be Editor GoH at Loscon

Ode to a Gestetner

Our Ideas of what old movies looked like are ALL wrong


New Lunar Spacesuit – Just in Time for the new Moon Missions (maybe)

TESS Discovers Missing Link exoplanets

Echidnas Mating beneath the floorboards can make a lot of noise


I Prefer not to


Something Awful







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