AMAZING NEWS: 8/11/19 Special SF Has Conquered the World Edition

Water Ice confirmed on Mars; GRRM does SF a solid; Steve Stiles art 50+ years on, Armadillocon boots a bad actor, Batwoman won’t just be a lesbian, she’ll be a Jewish lesbian, and more


George R.R. Martin Champions Science Fiction and Fandom

Reformed White Nationalist talks about metastizing white supremacy and how to de-radicalize


Munch Give Bacon a run for his 6 degree’s title:  Detective Munch (Richard Belzer) appears in a lot of universes

New Adventures of The Jetsons:  It’s not just sprockets anymore!

Inner City Wizard School:  name says it all

Batwoman will be Jewish.  And a Lesbian.  Could pose a problem if she has to deal with the Hamburglar (he’s not kosher).

Star Fleet Begins a New Fitness Program

Star Trek and Hawaii 5-0 Would Not Have Been The Same if this Alexander Show Had Been Greenlit

I’m not an Actor, I’m a Doctor, Dammit!  Quentin, can I be in your Trek movie?


Photo Permission Badge Lanyards.  IDEAL 19 Conference introduced Red, Yellow, Green Lanyards corresponding to photographic permission

V-Con Writer’s Workshop Calls for Manuscripts

Lisa Yaszek talks about Georgia Tech’s Committment to the serious study of Science Fiction

Ackerman Reviews Heinlein in issue of Fantasy Review fanzine

Armadillocon Announces Incident and More Detail

A Steve Stiles Mimeo Stencil from 1962

Toastmaster’s Transcript from Armadillocon

Why Don’t More People Talk About RAH’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (SIASL and ST get all the ‘love’)

Adventure Pulp Acquires A. Merritt Rights


Photos Show Water Ice on Mars

Furries will want this – a robot tail

Older Than the Pyramids:  Ancient Settlement Discovered in North America

Houston, We Have  Problem Podcast discusses emergencies in space

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