Two classic novels and the 1928 annual Best Of from Amazing Stories are now on sale!

The Best of Amazing Stories: The 1928 Anthology (Annotated) (Illustrated): Amazing Stories Classics – Authorized Edition  is now FREE on Kindle Unlimited>

Seeds of Life by John Taine, an Amazing Stories Classic novel, is on sale at $1.99 in the Kindle edition

And the latest release in tthe Amazing Stories Classics line – The Nth Man by Homer Eon Flint is on sale for 99 cents in the Kindle edition.

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Attention Grabber

The single most important step for a reader is the initial act of choosing what to read. After that, everything else is just a formality of literary cultivation. You read, you absorb and you grow. But it’s that first step that determines who you are as a reader. So, what books grab “your” attention?

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